A leader begins as a quiet man
collecting as he goes.
His strengths, his charm
his charisma grows
for he earned it, he lived it
his truth now he farms
from the seeds that were planted
as he walked his acres
in a life that began
as a quiet men.

A leader will never believe he has garnered
full wisdom of it, a head full of knowledge
for a leader knows
his flock have the answers
to all that he ponders then shares
all those answer
from questions they eagerly wish he will Grace
upon all those
that listen in awe
of the leader
that once was a quiet man..

Just part of a crowd who listened in awe
to a leader of men
who had found the answers from the ones who now listen..

So I say to you all
that feel it inside you
to gather and mentor;
bring forth
all others
as leaders of men
from those that are quiet men.

For If you hide it in shyness,
and blindness and
uncertainty of
the worth of your words,
your wisdom, you strengths,

the purpose, the reason
will fade and die,
the good fight gone out of those that tried
in the first place to lead, to gather, excite
to bring brothers and sisters together united
in purpose and reason and sanity

in a world where it’s lacking
it is sorely lacking
and we all will perish, will surly all perish
if the ones that were quiet and slowly gathered
did not feed their flocks
from the seed he had sown
when he was a quiet man..

We must be aware of what gifts we have
and double and triple and hundred times..
then they double and triple and hundred times
the truth as we as a people
all know it…
by Pamela Lee




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