Earth Dance Drum

The Warrior

I am the Warrior I defend and protect my values

I am the Warrior I ward off the arrows that others would thrust …

I am the Warrior I see a new day and it’s possibilities
I am the Warrior I walk the Red Road that leads to peace
I am the warrior I make today’s decisions, for tomorrow’s children.
I am the Warrior Sadness moves into joy
I am the Warrior I find the calm and do what is necessary
I am the Warrior.
“Warriors are on a sacred journey. Their journey is difficult, for it
includes great love and great loss. With love as the beginning and
loss as the return, a majestic emptying and filling of spirit takes
place.Let us accompany the warriors on their spiritual journey as they
return home to us. With the support of the Community, may their
bodies, minds, emotions and spirits heal. May they grieve their loss,
realize their purpose, and transcend with spiritual understanding.
May the spirit of Mitakuye-Oyasin soften their path to help them
heal, renew creative potential, and find meaning.

Let us honour our returning heroes. With their bravery, they have
embraced our fears. With their fear, they have embraced our lives.
With their lives, they have embraced our society.

We give a big Gitchi Migwetch (thankyou) to you, the Warriors of this
world! You are the arrow of our spirit, for you carry our dreams to
the edge of the world. You touch the sunset with your shadows and the
sunrise with your open spaces. With our hearts, we touch you with our

” Earth Dance Drum” Blackwolf and Gina Jones


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