The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief X – Rhino Wars II

My mission is to do something pro active about the Rhino poaching, while in Cape Town I made a choice, join up with a Private Military Company or help the Rhino. See: Private Military Company vs Anti-Poaching. It has been a treacherous road ……

Rhino Wars Part II.

I had met up with Selomie and Neil in Pretoria, at the meeting we discussed my idea of how to set up an APU. (Anti Poaching Unit) This idea I had while in Cape Town and I refined it over a couple of months, even wrote a few Blog  posts on the idea. In retrospect this was not very bright! At this meeting I was invited to go up to the farm, Palala is also a very posh Game Lodge. On this visit I stayed at the Lodge, and was at the main house at lot, also an impressive building with a lot of staff. Here I met for the first and only time Marche Poole, a very loud and slightly over weight blonde from Cape Town, Selomie’s biggest advocate. When Neil and I were suppose to have a meeting, he was playing golf, by the time he got back a meeting would not be productive as I observed some time must have been spent at the 19th hole. The next day we did have a meeting and it was decided that I would go get my kit and move into a Hut deeper in the mountains.  I could not just get my kit collected as I had to also go to the Home Office and collect my new ID and Passport. My British Lady and Neil discussed the financial side of this venture and I will not say much about that, leave it to them, all I wanted to do was get in the bush and do my thing.

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  1. Cary Lang Says:

    Wayne this reads like a horror story – people need to know what happened to you and how you and teh staff were miss-treated. Absolutely not acceptable! Get this out in the media….

  2. Wayne Bisset Says:

    It has been suggested that with my short story I breached the security of Palala Rhino Sanctuary. This is not true; there was no security to breach.
    I put it to you:
    On Ubumanzi Game Lodge’s site It had, Ubumanzi Game Lodge as a heading and underneath that in brackets it had, “ Host to Palala Rhino Sanctuary” . On the site were detailed directions on how to get to Ubumanzi. The webmaster may have removed them since my Blog was posted.
    Apart from that Selomie has had many TV and film crews making documentaries on the property, so the terrain is on film, no need to read my describing that could fit any area that has mountains.

  3. Marche Poole Says:

    Wayne, you are one sick pshyco dude! I simply cannot believe the shit you are talking about here? Do you REALLY think that some idiots will actually believe what you are posting here? After you witnessed how Selomie takes the kids to school every day? How they sleep in the house? How they swim with us? You are clearly a sick, sick, mind trying to save your pathetic life by demining other people! Clearly you have nothing else to do? You have been trying your luck with negative stuff about Palala and Selomie for a while now, we chose not to respond. So now, suddenly out of the blue, you are back – you little piece of shit? I have said it before and I am saying it again – JUST GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUR LIVES and leave us alone? WE did not invite you, your “British lady” did. SHE did not support you, WE did. Now realize the truth and get over it!!! Go find a job and let us be … because you would not have had a job anyway if your “British lady” did not DUMP you with us!!!! I simply cannot shut my mouth anymore – you are clearly BORED! So keep on writing your stupid “chronicles” and let’s see if THAT will create a job for you?

  4. Marche Poole Says:

    … lets see how the Hawks respond to this ja?

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      It was interesting what they said when “my British Lady” called them.
      I believe it is you that should wake up Ms Poole.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      I take it that you do not like my short reply (the above) to your post about how filthy and lazy I was? You and your so-called Palala Ladies had a field week, degrading me, and on a very personal level too, you think I could let it go without defending myself? You were not even there Marche! I am disappointed in YOU.

  5. Marche Poole Says:

    Without prejudice of course!!! Cary Lang, I am DEVESTATED about your support of this, I really thought that your intelligence were more than this!

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      This speaks volumes of your intelligence Marche.

    • Reinette Says:

      I think you need your medication Marche. Naturally he is entitled to defend himself after being slandered continuously by the likes of you ‘fine classy ladies’. You are devastated by Cary thinking for herself? really? You should be devastated by the way ‘palala girls’ behave when together in a ‘pack’. I refer specifically to the tasteless comments made about Spencer’s death. You need a wakeup call Marche.

      Wayne, good luck to you. I know the tide will turn for you.

      • Wayne Bisset Says:

        Thank you Reinette. I was feeling pretty lonely out there at times. :} I know the tide will turn too, it looks to be quite soon too.

  6. Marche Poole Says:

    Reinette, I have NO idea where YOU get your information from because we NEVER said anything about Spencer? Perhaps YOU are the one needing medication?! So perhaps YOU need a wake up call? But then again, what for – no matter what we say we will ALWAYS be wrong! What I am saying here is that I am sick and tired of TWO faced (wait, what do you call them?) oh ja, “packs” … And the fact that Mr Bisset’s “blog” is being shared all over the show on pages “pretending” not to engage in personal issues? Boy, was I wrong about thinking it’s about our rhino! Like the “mission statements” on some supposed rhino pages telling people NOT to engage with arguments, etc? But yet the admins choose to delete what they want and keep what they wish? Double standards – just hate them!

  7. Mandy Thomas Says:

    I would like to address a question to Marche Poole:

    What a lot of people may not know is the reason for the people’s distrust/suspicion of Selomie Maritz. Let me remind those who have forgotten and inform those who don’t know that she sold a rhino to the notorious suspected poaching kingpin Dawie Groenewald in 2011.

    There have been many “reasons” and “justifications” given for this action. None of whom have any merit. Least of all that she is sorry and “regrets” doing it! What a crock of shit.

    It is like giving my pitbull to a dog fighting ring as I am trying to expose them and being sorry about it afterwards. Oh .. sorry SELLING it to them and keeping the money! Even worse.

    One of the key reasons Selomie tries to give as her reason for doing this dastardly deed, is that it was undercover work for a documentary that was being released called “Snare”. Remember that name.

    Then Phila The Rhino was released in late 2011 and some of Selomie’s supporters/fans/cult followers posted all over Facebook that this documentary was finally out and would absolve Selomie of all wrongdoing. It didnt. It was about Phila.

    Next we hear that the feature film Snare is going to be released in early 2012 and THIS will be the one that absolves Selomie from any wrongdoing … but I hear it is a fictional feature film about rhino poaching syndicates, with actors from “District 9” and that in no way was Selomie Maritz asked to help get footage of Dawie Groenewald.

    I would appreciate your comments Marche Poole as you seem to have made a career out of defending this woman. Maybe you need to re-think your loyalty to her as I think with time things are going to get worse and worse for your leader, not better. Best of luck.

  8. Seanmac Says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I have been following your blog for some time and not because of your fight against Rhino pouching, but more the military stories. Anyway the new chapter in your life is really interesting and fun to read, I got the popcorn out….lol
    But on a more serious note, it also tweaked my awareness to the problem Africa has with poachers and wish you guys win the war.
    As for the shit you had at your Palala, I must say, I wish you all the best in winning this war also. When I read your story, I was a little sceptic and got the feeling that you are just a lazy bum who is taking life easy and thinks the world owe them something. Then I read it again and changed my mind. You are probably just easy going and enjoy the other side of life. Each to our own and fair play to everybody doing life the way they feel like.
    In the beginning I was feeling sorry for Palala and thought you where just out for revenge for not getting your way. At the end of the day, I read all there remarks and also read there facebook page and looked at all there pictures. I also looked them up on the net, ‘opsec’. I must say it opened my eyes and had me look at this from a different angle. I got the feeling(I might be wrong) that they just using the Rhino and also most of all the people they get involved with to line there own pockets. It just looks like they are putting the perfect spin on the whole thing. The problem with people like that is no matter how hard they try to hide there true colour it always shows, it is like the story of the scorpion and the frog. I for one would look after my people, or the people around me, better than the Rhino, don’t misunderstand what I am saying… Everybody who support them looks like they do it for love of the Rhino. Nobody support them for any other reason, they in the other hand looks like they are doing it only for the money and the high life. They just using the Rhino to bleed the good hearted nature of there supporters dry. Always asking for donations, what happens to these donations, it surely does not look like it is getting down to the people on the front line or even the Rhino themselves. Is Palala a non-profit or is there a hungry selfish money grabber in control of it?? The more I read the more I get the feeling, it is all a money machine being used to line the bosses pocket.
    How much could it have cost to supply you with smokes, food, boarding and even the odd bottle of Jacks??? No wonder there other staff don’t like them(hearts and minds) the probably get treated worst.
    I am sure you are going to get a ton of people against you exposing them, it always happen when you take on the big guns. They have a good following and tons of people believe what they say is gold. They spin it good and I can see that, they use tons of stories of other Rhinos being killed to make people more aware of the daemon they are up against, but not lots of what is really happening on Palala. How many of there Rhinos have they lost and how current is the threat on them?? I am just wondering and just asking, it might be very current. I am sure the threat on all Africa’s Rhino is very current.

    Sorry for the long reply, but now I added my 2 cent, I really hope you kick there butt, specially this self-righteous cow Marche. Reading her comments on your blog and on your facebook page just makes me sick. That is also the main reason why I am adding my support of you. I can just see how she thinks her shit does not stink and her word is law. Girl, if you wake up, your coffee is going to be cold, wake up and smell it. All over the net, you just see how you promote yourself, you are the best and you are so holly, WTF?? You are a glorified beggar who has clearly got to much time on your hands and probably sits behind you keyboard all day and grip about everything. We can all be keyboard ninjas if we want. You keep on saying this is your last reply and you not going to be common, but you are the picture of exactly what you say you are not.

    By no means do I think you are an angel Wayne, I don’t personally know you, but I am also not blind. You can clearly see whats going on….Good luck and ‘bliksem’ them!!

    Greatings from Dublin, Ireland.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Well, you certainly are straight forward! I love it. Yes, I am no angel and I can prove it! lol.
      Thank you for your honest and objective comments here.

      • Seanmac Says:

        You are welcome Wayne, like you I just say it the way I see it, if it make sense it does, if not it’s bullshit. I really first thought you where just a disgruntled employee, but it is a clear as day, any employee would be more than disgruntled.
        They only have 4 Rhinos, how difficult can it be to guard 4 Rhinos, how much money do you need, how much donations do you need, how many night sights do you need, how many volunteers……I thought they had at least more than 10??

        This is all a spin, cha-ching-cha-ching, the Rhinos will get us more ‘bling’. People who go out to grab your cash do not like to share, that is a fact. Only 4 rhinos and they want us to believe you did not guard them well, bull shit. I just think they have tons to hide and you probably asked the wrong questions and did not want to trim the roses in the madams garden.

        As for Marche, I am not so sure she donated much more than her keyboard skills. She probably gets a cut from all the fundraising she does, easy money. With all the spin they put on the plight of Palala, I nearly forgot about the plight of the rest of Africa, the kids who go hungry for one.

        I think in you, they have been weighed, they have been measured, and they have been found wanting.

        Good luck with the next chapter in your life, maybe we can go for a beer when I get to South Africa again.

      • Wayne Bisset Says:

        Only if I have fallen off the wagon! ha ha. Seriously you get here look me up.

    • seanmac Says:

      seanmac = bisset. I am onto you Wayne.

      • Wayne Bisset Says:

        And what exactly does that mean?

  9. ZAK Says:

    Dearest Marche Poole.
    Although you seem to passionately misguided by Selomie and her “sanctuary” I really think that you should take a step back and look at the whole thing (unless of course you are in too deep already that you cannot get out) There are just far too many inconsistencies with the dealing of this place. Too many unanswered questions and never enough clean straightforward answers to direct and simple questions! She has been given ample time and opportunity to reveal information to the public (who are all passionately wanting to help save rhino) Even during our long winded and one side discourse and exchange of information on facebook not much was actually said by you. I for one being an open and honest character of high moral standings revealed a few personal facts (which have since been used to try and hurt my feelings and make me look bad to your public audience) and even fewer valid reasons to account for her actions! I am sure that this remark here will be answered with a tirade of nasty comments directed at me and am ready for it.

    The facts are that Selomie has has dealt with several people and they either want to keep their opinions to themselves (for professional reasons like business) Or they want nothing to do with her or they follow Waynes thinking of informing the general public about what is actually going on at her sanctuary? Yes she does have some loyal and passionate supporters and those supporters that are grossly misinformed or under-informed to be in a position to make the intelligent decision not to trust her, I am sure you count yourself as one of her “passionate supporters” but I still have not figured out what your reasoning is behind this action. Under-informed? misinformed? Or perhaps just not intelligent enough to make the right decision about her and her dealings? after all it does not take a self thinking mind to be a “an administrative whiz with two left feet and an all-consuming passion for working for the arts” It just takes passion and an organized workspace.

    Yes Marche! here we have come to the point where I am now retaliating to you directly for your constant insults towards me!

    So why has Selomie not been able to answer ANY of the direct questions herself and in person? The following reasons have always been given 1 her poor English which is really and truly not good at all or 2 The documentary “snare” which is going to put everyone’s minds at ease and absolve Selomie from any more suspicion regarding her long relationship with Dawie Groenewald. I seriously doubt that this movie will reveal anything at all! Why is it that she is so willing to block ban and discredit anyone who is not scared enough of her to ask a question? Perhaps she knows that she does not have the answers! and that she cannot account for her relationship with DG at all without incriminating herself to the degree of prosecution?

    After my last question and answer attempted session with palala I received many compliments from many people from all walks of life commending me on taking the issue on from the front. I also was attack vehemently from both yourself and many of her other supporters not only on my comments but on a personal level too! After last night when you started to comment all over my wall towards a third party and continued to persist even after asked to refrain I blocked you! Now I hope that Palala Rhino sanctuary ( which is in no way a sanctuary at all but rather a ranch for Selomies pet rhino and haven for other suspected criminals rhino to be kept safe from poachers and a fully functioning [perhaps struggling] private game lodge) would really contemplate pulling the reins in tighter of their Pitbull! Namely you! You are not helping Selomie in her cause at all! all you are doing with your bombastic gruff barking is raising even more suspicions and getting more people thinking! I also suggest that you do a little thinking and searching for the truth in your own camp instead of mounting personal attacks against people expressing their democratic rights to free speech! It has also been confirmed that many of my own suspicions were in fact correct about this place and that there are many people watching the comings and going there with keen intent! and valid cause!

    I look forward to your poorly written and pathetic personal attacks in response to this comment. Have fun!

  10. Phillip Says:

    She sounds deranged

  11. Reinette Says:

    Marche… ‘we NEVER said anything about Spencer?’
    I would happily send you some screen-shots of activity after Spencer’s departure, in case you didn’t see it. Because all the nastiness was deleted and replaced with sweet condolences, support etc. Pretty two-faced, don’t you think?

    Marche, people always put their best foot forward when faced with supporters or potential supporters. You are not there everyday, or much for that matter. And yet… you are the most avid of supporters of Selomie. I am sure you are already thinking about the whole thing differently, but feel you will be betraying the Rhino if you do start to openly question Palala. You can still do a lot for the Rhino, you don’t need to do it through Palala. Just saying…

    Do you actually have an answer about the Rhino she sold to Dawie Groenewald? Or the fact that she has the use of his helicopter? To me personally this raises red flags all over the place, and I am sure that it does for you too.

  12. Wayne Bisset Says:

    “You can still do a lot for the Rhino, you don’t need to do it through Palala. ”
    I told her the same thing on my Mexican Horse Thief page, where she is ranting and raving….

  13. maleba Says:

    Just the helicopter thing would be enough to make alarm bells start ringing.I will have nothing to do with those people,something is badly wrong there.My support is to Wayne.and I am noy going to waste time swearing at people either,I will follow Waynes example.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Thank you sir.

  14. maleba Says:

    This marche is it a woman,if so her foul mouthed antics are shameful to behold,no lady would ever behave like this.

  15. Stella Guillaume Says:

    Wayne Bisset you Rock my world. And guess what I spend a lot of time in Nylstroom, Naboom en Warm Bath’s when I was a young girl. I have a lot of respect for the Pedi’s.

    Try and get your chronicals printed, it is beautifully written.

    I loved Chris Stewarts books driving over lemons. And you have the same factual writing style. Go for it Boet!!!!!!!!


    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Thank you for such kind words Ma’am. :}

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Some more info:

  16. Cary Lang Says:

    Marche – l am not in this world to make you happy and certainly do not need to justify myself to you or any other person.

    In order for you to not make a fool of yourself – l would suggest you spell & grammer check your notes before posting.

  17. Cary Lang Says:

    Marche – sending you love and light ~~~~

    There is a world full of acceptance and LOVE, just waiting for you to find it. Differences should be celebrated, because everybody deserves to SHINE ♥

  18. Anonymous (for obvious reasons!) Says:

    Sadly the rhino are suffering because of people like this. Selomie and her followers (who quite honestly seem to have no class and even less common sense) constantly attack anyone who dares to question them, will happily launch a barage of personal insults and then act all indignant when taken to task. You constantly ask why people create false profiles and say they should just be open but I for one don’t want to be victimised the way you have Zak (who I take my hat off to for being open in his questions and taking the abuse he has).

    The constant requests for money and other donations dominate yet questions to answers are severely lacking. Palala is supposedly a sanctuary but there are no animals other than their own personal ones. It is a rather strange coincidence that Selomie sold her “beloved bull” to DG and then so desperately needed to buy Jomo, under the guise of saving him but seems to me more a basic fact that they needed a bull to replace the one sold. When asked why there was a need to raise funds (since basic economics dictate that if you sell one animal you then have said money to buy another) the only answer was that it was spent on boma’s etc, the reason for these though is unclear since the sanctuary does not actually look after animals. Even Phila, who everyone was led to believe was looked after at Palala, was not. Jomo’s age is also unclear, and we won’t go down the road of the different photo’s of rhino, all supposedly Jomo, shown over a period of months.

    As for the documentary which has long been promised, why can’t you all just admit that its not actually going to happen? The documentary about Phila did not in anyway vindicate the DG sale, and Snare is a fictional movie about the poaching problem which has absolutely nothing to do with Selomie personally so again, I don’t see how it will vindicate her. I just wonder if any of you “Palala girls” will realise at some stage that maybe instead of attacking and constantly trying to justify things that coming clean and saying, sorry but we made a mistake, people would back down. After all, to err is human but to forgive divine so maybe asking for forgivness and seeing if that works better would be a plan?

    Marche you live in Cape Town and have spent exactly how much time at the lodge? Did it ever occur to you that the show put on was just that? An image of how idealic life is for the staff but when there’s no one to impress they get treated like the slaves that they are. It really blows my mind that you will so vehemently defend a woman you have know for less than a year when people who have known her for a lot longer don’t want anything to do with her.

    Its a known fact that she has had more dealings with Dawie Groenewald than she admits to, and has visited his farm more than once since his arrest, what exactly is her excuse for this?

    I applaud you Wayne for taking the time to formulate your story, while the rest of the gang was slamming you and posting their version all over Facebook you took the high road and didn’t retaliate in anger. As far as who’s more credible, well if I base it on the way in which both sides have conducted themselves over the past few weeks, then the answer is clear.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Thank you for your comment and support. These “ladies” do ever so try my patience, and still they carry on.

    • ZAK Says:

      Thank you Anon for noticing my plight to reveal the truth and separate them from the emotional manipulation for financial gain! Perhaps just perhaps we will still get an apology from Selomie and her “agents” for the constant abuse and attempts at dragging my good name through the dirt time and time again!

  19. Helga Nel Says:

    Wayne, I really feel sorry for you. You make the fight against rhino poaching into a personal sympathy search from individuals. We all have ordeals in life: the difference is we get up and move on. You however chose to engage in a personal vendetta. I challenge you to keep this message on your blog for all your followers to read without deleting it as previous comments.

    Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself to everyone reading this. I am one the “rather large people” mentioned in your “story” who you doubted “will make the first plateau”! Who gives you the right to talk about people and describe them in the way you do? Have you mentioned to your followers how the two “rather large people” provided you with a few things they bought in town upon your request? On their tab? Have you mentioned that the “very manly looking woman” worked her fingers to the bone to ensure you have running water?? Wayne, if you wish to write such an elaborate “story” – make sure you mention how these people (who you so easily call names) helped you out from the goodness of their hearts. Shame on you on making this fight against rhino poaching about a personal vendetta and with that dragging other people into this! You have now decided to drag people into this “story” who were only good to you! Not only your personal comments on our (and our friends’) appearances but also numerous incorrect references in your “blog” were uncalled for and will most certainly not be left there – this I can assure you!

    You have compromised the security of the sanctuary where you were received and generously provided with a temporary home. I suggest you contact you-know-who urgently as charges for crimen iniuria are in the process of being lodged with the SAPS. Nobody is above the law and most certainly not you of all people! Nobody who got to know you will waste any time with interdicts and legal processes. Everybody will leave that to the police and the prosecuting authorities. Everyone who you defamed and slandered in your “blog” will not hesitate to be added as complainant in the charge.

    You cannot hide behind a claim that what you have recorded as factual on your “blog”, which is open to the public, is written without prejudice!

    Get the facts straight before taking on our friends and family on an open forum.

  20. Hennie Badenhorst Says:

    For those uninformed individuals, who have blindly followed the narration of his experiences at the sanctuary. I note that Mr Bisset commented immediately after the phone call to him by Niel Maritz. I was present during the conversation and wish to point out that Mr Maritz made it clear that he had always treated Mr Bisset with respect. However, Mr Bisset had defamed various individuals in their personal capacities by naming them directly and indirectly in his various bloggs. He had also compromised the security of the sanctuary concerned and had embarked on a personal vendetta against the sanctuary and all individuals directly and indirectly concerned with the cause thereof. He informed Mr Bisset that “enough was enough” and that he was causing harm to all individuals who in their personal capacities (mostly on a volunteer basis) were concerned with saving the rhinos from extinction. Mr Bisset was informed that a collective complaint would be lodged with the authorities regarding his defamatory statements and that the complaints would now be lodged with the authorities. I have read the comments made by Bisset and have known all the individuals concerned with the sanctuary long before Mr Bisset was given refuge as I understand it, under misrepresentation. I find his comments slanderous and shocking to say the least. There are limits to what disgruntled individuals may represent to the public at large. I will personally testify regarding the conversation and perhaps Mr Bisset should bear in mind that he is not dealing with an idiot, but a legal practitioner with more that 30 years experience in law.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      How convenient you just happened to be there! How selective you are in recalling the conversation. It started like this.
      Niel: (Shouting) Do you remember what I told you? repeats this a few times. When I ask what about in particular he screams, “I told you don’t ever fuck wit me!” I do actually remember him saying that. How conveniently you for get to mention Niel’s threats of life and limb. Do you remember how many time the word fuck came up? If not that is okay as I lost count too. Have a good evening Hendrick.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Please read post here, you may find more people you wish to sue.

  21. Marche Poole Says:

    Oh dear – I have missed a lot! But clearly SOME of you guys have not been following “The Mexican Horse Thief” Facebook page I suppose? I would like to state the following:

    Maleba: You are CLEARLY sexist! The fact that I am swearing is merely because I AM TRYING TO GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS! Yet NOBODY is listing?? You continue here with your little “rage”, on and on and on!! So are you insinuating that only MEN are allowed swear? Wow – where have you been? Even though I got THIS a few days ago:
    Zak Edgar: “FUCK YOU MARCHE!!!! You have just won the blocked prize of the day! This day is just getting better! Not just an “injunction” prize but also a “blocked” prize! What an honour! 2 stickers on my list!”

    Zak, dear Zak (or is it via Reinette’s profile?): your snarling comment “after all it does not take a self thinking mind to be a “an administrative whiz with two left feet and an all-consuming passion for working for the arts” It just takes passion and an organized workspace” indicates to me, yet again, that you clearly do not “get” the stuff you read – this little “extract” is NOT what I do for a living. Why are you stalking my work now? What could possibly be the reason for this? My work has nothing to do with this at all – how about yours? Apart from your rhino pendants? You also only need a passion (for designing, in this case) and an organized workspace Zak. However, that is NOT what my work is about – please feel free (all of you) to go and have a look.
    As for donations, every single donation Palala receives is publicly acknowledged and thanked for on the page. It is also stated what was purchased with the donation, i.e. night lights, etc.

    Anonymous: How brave are you! Why don’t you just come out and say who you are? “Marche you live in Cape Town and have spent exactly how much time at the lodge? Did it ever occur to you that the show put on was just that?” I rest my case. And here, again, I would like to reiterate the fact that NONE of you, except Wayne, has EVER been to Palala. Wayne, surely you can prove this here? We were at Palala together that weekend? Did YOU see it as a show?

    Carry: let’s not waste time in doing spelling and grammar checks shall we? In Wayne’s words “My spelling sucks! It is a Mexican thing. Thanks I shall spell the poison bit correctly from now. :}”. So perhaps “my spelling sucks too” – It is an Afrikaans thing … And sometimes I only have my phone to communicate with and yes, probably because I am “slightly overweight” I have fat fingers and I don’t use predictive text. Thanks for sending you “love & light”, however, I am getting REAL love & light from people who really mean it.

    Shaunmac: YOUR comments must be the pits: “You are a glorified beggar who has clearly got to much time on your hands and probably sits behind you keyboard all day and grip about everything” and “As for Marche, I am not so sure she donated much more than her keyboard skills. She probably gets a cut from all the fundraising she does, easy money”. Don’t know where YOU have been but let me make this abundantly clear! 1) Unlike some of you I have a full time job – I cannot “sit behind my keyboard all day and grip about everything”. You will notice that my comments are mostly made either after hours or over weekends. I do my rhino work after hours and do not have the time to catch up on “blogs” every minute of the day – therefore my late reply because I also had some other “real” rhino issues to catch up on. 2) Regarding my “keyboard skills” – please can ANYONE of you let ME know what YOU have done except for sitting behind YOUR computers, except Wayne? You have NO idea what I have accomplished for the cause in saving our rhino (and here I am NOT talking about Palala!). 3) I DO NOT receive ANY remuneration from Palala, or ANY other cause that I fight for, whatsoever! That is just a slap in the face! I do it because I will defend in what I believe in, no matter how or when – I do it in my own personal space and time.

    So for those of you who have missed it on the Facebook page – YOU, Wayne, started this blog which included reference to me. I DID NOT ask for it! And I quote The Mexican Horse Thief: “She (Marche) does seem to have a problem, I was off line as you know for a long while, got back to find her!”

  22. Annonymous for obvious reasons Says:

    This has made some interesting reading and whilst I am certainly in no position to comment on whether Selomie has or has not done whatever the “people out to get her” say, I would like to add the following comment.
    Wayne Bisset – you obviously had tons of time on your hands to write such a long and sometimes boring account of your time at Palala Rhino Sanctuary.
    One has to ask – were you there to work or were you there as a paid blog specialist with hours to pontificate? Thank goodness someone of your background and lack of integrity has never crossed my path. Selomie possibly thought she saw potential in you through your perhaps smooth talking way of presenting yourself. But then saw through the person you actually are? This could also be how you got your “British Lady” fooled into paying for you to work at Palala Rhino Sanctuary initially.
    Your tirade is questionable as you seem to have a distorted reality check in terms of what it would take to actually get down and try to make a difference in the overall passion for conservation. True passion is not about trying to destroy – it is about building, understanding and working really hard – which clearly you have been unable to achieve considering the time you had on your hands.

    I agree – get a life – get out there and make a difference by actually putting yourself second in the overall picture and put actual dedicated time into what you may choose to do in the future. But make sure you actually are passionate about what you do and not just a free loader.

    Wishing you the best and channel your energies to positive outcome or you may fall way below what you could be in life.

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Thank you for your observations Shirley.
      Here are some made about Selomie a while back, just for balance, you understand?
      by Allison Zeebok on Saturday, 10 September 2011 at 21:33
      I can no longer stay silent and watch this atrocity to continue. This site is sickening in its design to be just another site to pump up Selomie Marx-Maritz. This site, Palala Rhino Sanctuary, are just a few of the mirror sites that do little more than promote Selomie, her fund raising. This is not for the Rhino, it is to get her name out there so when she happens to recommend her site, people are more open to joining. Once in though, you are overwhelmed by a barrage of back patting and Selomie praising rhetoric. But let’s look a little deeper. First who is this woman Selomie, that has such notoriety and such a following. She is the woman who took 9 rhino’s on to her property, to care and protect them and what happened to those rhinos? They were sold to Dawie Groenewald. The so called “kingpin” of the large rhino poaching group that will be back in court at the end of September ( remember that date, it will come up again). Then, she told the world that it was out of her hands as she was not the owner of the rhinos. And she promptly tipped off authorities, so that her name was thrust into the spotlight as the woman who was trying to save these rhino. There was only one problem with this plan. And that came from the mouth of Groenewald himself. Here is part of the article by The mercury, titled Star’s rhino exposé yields results….

      Meanwhile, it has emerged that the same conservationist who exposed the Groenewald sale last week had sold him one of her own rhinos.
      Selomie Maritz, has been looking after the herd for the past three months. She told The Star last week that they were safe with her, claiming they would be hunted as trophies if sold to Groenewald.
      But Maritz sold a white rhino bull to the same man just two months ago. “Why didn’t she make a big deal out of that?” Groenewald asked.
      Maritz claimed it was an attempt to get a behind-the-scenes understanding of how Groenewald and his co-accused operated, as part of a wider investigation that is to be made into a documentary.
      “It wasn’t an easy decision,” she said. “I wasn’t happy about it and I’m concerned about the rhino, but yes, I did it.”
      Maritz does not know if the bull is still alive

      This caused a bit of a stir in the rhino conservation community but for some unknown reason people came to her defense. One such person was Brian Sandberg. He wrote a page long response to the story by the Bush Warriors and was very defensive of Selomie. He claimed, and this is all from Selomie’s notes published on her Facebook page, that “he clearly sensed her revulsion at the proposed Ward-Groenewald transaction of the 9 rhinos on her farm, given Groenewald’s background.” Yet he understood why she and Groenewald started to build a relationship of trust with her, so she could “enter his inner sanctum”. He acknowledged that Selomie and Groenewald had been conversing since March. He even defended her own sale of a bull rhino to Groenewald. The man she was so repulsed by, and her reason? Again, the story of the movie and documentary.

      Now this brings us to more words from Selomie. When asked by Bush Warriors to clarify if she actually sold 2 rhinos to him, she responded ” Sold one but not 2 months ago, longer. National Geographic did a documentary which will be released in September. Everything will be in the documentary. The feature film Snare will be released in September which is based in the Groenewald scenerio.” Remember I told you to take note of the September date. Well, not only is it now September and no film or documentary showing up anywhere, but now she is putting it to the end of the month. This is not by chance, while the whole world is watching the Groenewald trial, Selomie’s release date will have come and gone unnoticed or mentioned. Well it seems not everyone has been distracted by her sudden flurry of posts and fund raisers. A few days ago a young woman went on Selomie’s own Facebook page and asked her about this very subject. It seems that she asked in an honest desire to watch this non existant film and documentary but it is the exchange that followed that is of greater interest to me. Selomie seems to have a very hard time answering direct questions but here are her answers. “The documentry is differant to the movie Snare. I am not in Snare as I am not an actress but the relocations we have done they will use the footage of that. The documentry will be screened later this month, the production compay will tell me when and I will be in it.” Notice no direct answer. You better believe if I was going to be in a movie, or documentary that would be aired in weeks I would know more facts. However Selomie was pushed by a couple more voices for a more direct answer and here is her next response. “I can’t wait for it either. No Snare is not the documentry, but a movie, which will be screened in December. The documentry is about Phila the black rhino and rhino was. To give you insights of the doc, have you ever try to sell rhino dung to people on street as alternative to rhino horn. Traumas of rhinos and people. I will make sure everybody will know as soon as they released it.” What?!? the documentary is now about Phila again. That story was told a while ago and does not need her to sell her “beloved” bull Rhino to tell Phila’s story. There is absolutely no connection and it makes no sense. But the young woman must not have realized that this was a known tactic of Selomie’s to misdirect and distract and asked “But you said that you got special footage of Groenewald and Toet working together for your National Geographic documentary, which was why you sold him the rhino. That’s the one I was asking about… when is it coming? I really want to watch it! ” Selomie’s response,
      Selomie Marx-Maritz ” That is the one, there is only 1 documentry. They said end of September but will let you know. There are a few prominent people in it.” Seriously? She is sticking to this ridiculous story just as people are sticking with her. I know most people know nothing of this, hence my posting. I know people want to believe there are people out there working tirelessly and unselfishly to fight to save our rhinos from extinction at the hands of such men like Groenewald. There are, Selomie just is not one of them. Please, stop empowering this woman and her ego. She is exploiting the cause for her own personal gain, as shown by her sale of a rhino and selling stickers that were not her idea but poached from another organization, and taking the focus off of groups and people that really deserve your trust and support. I am not going to tell you who I think you should be supporting and following. Do your own due diligence and research people and groups. It takes a few minutes of internet searches to get your answers. Want to know if Outraged SA Citizens against Poaching, or Palala Rhino sanctuary are fair and unbiased groups? Try posting something derogatory, but please keep it to facts, or a very pointed question and watch how fast you are dropped from the group and your comment erased. I have seen far too many disappear. Now watch how fast, I am dropped. I will have this posted in my notes.

      By the way, I work in the industry here and in LA and there never has been any such documentary, but if you would like to check for yourself, and I hope you do, there is an internet site open to all. Not just people in the business, that show all movies, documentaries and television shows from pre-production all the way though the process. It is a useful tool for verifying such stories. I can not link because being in the industry, I have different access than public, so my links would not work for you.

  23. maleba Says:

    to the person without a name.You are the lowest form of human being I have ever had the displeasure of being in contact with.I am so glad I do not know you personally.If you are so strong in your opinions have the courage of your convictions to state them openly and with pride.Hiding behind a nom de plume is the basest form of cowardice,you pompous puffed up,self righteous prig.Damn I are proud of me not one swear word to this anal infection.lmao

  24. maleba Says:

    @ Marche,I am sexist,A lady behaves in a certain way that reflects on her upbringing,I am also non PC and dont actualy give a damn about your opinions except inasfar they amuse me much like a clown.I love your over the top reaction to any percived critiscism,please do continue.

  25. maleba Says:

    @ Hennie Badenhorst,What you and watsisface did was to try and ambush Wayne,seing as you are a witness to this converation and Wayne has non.It just reinforces the very low opinion I have of lawyers and their little hatchet men (people like you,just in case you were in any doubt about who I was refering to.)The sneaky underhanded actions of people like you make me glad I do not know you.I could go on and amuse myself further but like something nasty on the underside of my shoe,I will just scrape you off and carry on after having these funny little nonentity people amuse me I realy do feel good.

  26. Seanmac Says:

    Somebody is using my user name, the real ‘Seanmac’ did not say ‘seanmac = bisset. I am onto you Wayne.’

    I said what I wanted to say for now.


    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      No wonder I am confused! This just shows how low and how scaly these people are.

  27. Seanmac Says:

    Yes, these people have no scruples. Keep up the good fight.

  28. Seanmac Says:

    Some muppet keeps on using my user name, Wayne you do not have to post this, just don’t approve it, but also all the other post by Seanmac. I am sure you know when it is me, the last 3 replies was not me.


  29. SeanMac Says:

    Sorry I meant to say that I did not post the last 2 posts.
    I posted:
    “Somebody is using my user name, the real ‘Seanmac’ did not say ‘seanmac = bisset. I am onto you Wayne.’ I said what I wanted to say for now.”

    Hope that clears up the confusion here.

    The Real Seanmac.

  30. Seanmac Says:

    What happed to the Palala II facebook link?? Now I am really confused. Is anyone else?

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Well I have a real seanmac and then some d^*s that is using his name so anyone could be confused….

  31. Richard Small Says:

    Yes, I am I wish the real “SeanMac” would stand up

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