Draft your own Spiritual/Moral Balance Sheet

Print this out and fill in your Assets and Liabilities. If you are honest, it WILL change your life.


In what way am I caring?

How do I empathize with other people?

Am I kind to myself?

Am I kind to:

The elderly?


My family?

My friends?

Those in need of assistance?

Am I agreeable and courteous?

Am I tolerant?

If yes, how am I tolerant?

Am I open to another’s point of view?

Do I listen in a meeting and accept that others have needs different to mine?

How am I trustworthy? Bills, promptness etc.

Can friends depend on me?

How am I honest? Do I tell the whole truth?

If not what stops me?

Do I take care of myself?

Dress nice, medical appointments, eat healthy, exercise, meditate?

How am I respectful?

Do I take care of material things, mine and others?

Do I show respect for the law?

How am I generous?

In what ways do I look for the good in others?

How am I kind?

Do I listen to a friend in need?

Do I offer help when asked?

Do I think to point out the good in others?

How do I open up to others?

How am I practical?

Do I have a budget?

How often do I recognize what needs doing then do it?

How am I dependable?

Meet dead lines etc?

Do I organize well and carry it out?

What are my talents?

Do I beautify my surroundings?

Do I make friends easily?

Why or why not?

In what ways do I express myself clearly and concisely?

How do I see the humour in life and express it?

How am I optimistic?

How am I humble?

Do I ask for guidance and follow it?

When have I allowed others to share their wisdom with me?

Do I ever admit mistakes?

How patient am I with myself?


In what ways am I resentful?

Do I harbor grudges?


Whom do I resent from the past?


What was my part in it?

Whom do I resent in my immediate environment?

Which places or things do I resent?

When do I judge other people harshly and resent their not doing what I think they should?

Do I hold everyone and thing to impossible standard of ideal and perfection?

How do I judge myself?

Am I fearful?

What and why?

Am I honest?

Am I holding secrets?

What dishonesty have I hidden from others?

Do I feel sorry for myself?

Am I a fixer?

Do I like to be in charge?

Do I get upset when I don’t win?

What consequences have I had, taking care of others rather than myself?

In what ways do I trust myself in dealing with others?

Do I remove myself from potentially dangerous places?

Do I take on responsibilities that are not mine?


Do I do for others what they can do for themselves?


Do I feel responsible for someone else’s learning or growth?


Well I hope you do this, it changed me from a totally insane maniac into an only slightly crazy guy, that is just a little bit naughty! :}

Walk boldly

Wayne Bisset.

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10 Responses to “Draft your own Spiritual/Moral Balance Sheet”

  1. Gaining a Spiritual and Moral Balance « One Man's Opinion Blog Says:

    […] Draft your own Spiritual/Moral Balance Sheet […]

  2. John Brandow Says:

    And You were the one that said : Most people spend most of their lives avoiding these questions or something to that effect !

  3. waynebisset Says:

    Sure John, I did say that. BUT I did not say that I avoid them, thought by now you would have seen Wayne Bisset is NOT most people? :}

  4. John Brandow Says:

    Yea I know – If I was a writer I would have said : This character is developing nicely !

  5. karen Says:

    Without a heart, a person will not want to do anything, and even if she/he does something, she/he will not be enthusiastic in doing it.

    I enjoy looking back at posts and responses gone by. I appreciate this page, especially today. I appreciate a person, (how often our writing and speaking becomes us).

    If we choose to look at ourselves and allow others to look at us, we may feel like we’ve never felt before, hear like we’ve never heard before, see like we’ve never seen before…

    introspection – i feel softer here

    there’s a small smiley face at the bottom of your pages Wayne 🙂

  6. The Local Says:

    Wayne, thank you for giving us the opportunity to stand before the mirror of Truth and reflect, without judgement. I honour you Boet 🙂

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Just passing on what I was taught in my strange classrooms….

  7. carol bisset Says:

    It seems that some of us Bisset’s have a lot in common. I do this on a daily basis in a much simplified version. Living with an attitude of gratitude. You’re making me want to create my own blog spot!! Carol Bisset. x

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      Hello cousin of mine, surprised to see you here. So, start one!

    • Wayne Bisset Says:

      It is easy to create a blog!

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