Divine Alignment and Fulfillment



It was in another lifetime, many years ago, and I had two women in my life, one complicated and one complex. The complex one, she use to write long comments on my blog posts about my Strange Classrooms. She became one of my Strange Teachers. Here is an example:

Divine Alignment and Fulfillment

What would knowledge and intuition be without divine alignment? And divine fulfillment?

Divine alignment comes from God’s desire and purpose for a life and a union of beings.

This is one of those mysteries in life…which cannot be written all that much about, but fully experienced

It’s like nature. One can sketch nature, paint nature, photograph nature, study nature…write about it and all the beauty within it…but yet one cannot capture it in all its reality…its intricacies its subjectivity

We’re not meant to, I suppose.

The One who created… He is the reality of all His design…

And it seems He would go beyond sharing His design only…

He gives Himself

So, here we are, in the hands and genius of our Maker:

Regardless of my limited concept and understanding, I believe that a man is formed for God and from God and woman is formed for a man…from a man. A woman is an extension of a man, as man is an extension of God, divinely so but plainly stated.

One God, one man, one woman, one person.

It goes beyond reason! Beyond time. But works so perfectly, as was intended.

Your maker is your husband – Isaiah 54:5

If I were a designer, the most brilliant kind…with a most brilliant design and plan, the most exquisite functions and delicate buttons. I’d want my work to be enjoyed! Yes truly enjoyed! And used fully.

But I would be quite morbid if those I created everything for didn’t even recognize me, my true nature, and my reason for it all.

Nothing can be truly enjoyable without realizing God and allowing God, since it would be a distant enjoyment, it would be without His very Person.

If His Spirit is not acknowledged within and without, and between a man and a woman…however finely…there is no real alignment, no real substance.

Since we seem to be a combination of animal, human, and God at times…some things appear enjoyable from an animal angle.

But not for long…not for long…

Soon the animal is totally gone

The animal nature will be shed, like old skin…

We will be released into the full reality of that which we long for

That which we are:

God-men and God-women.

Happy Ending x x x

Nosce te ipsum

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