Religion and Violence


It is impossible to separate the two.

They are inherently violent because of an exclusivism that inevitably fosters violence against those that are considered outsiders.

There are a hell of a lot of different religions and even they can be divided into subcategories. Let us look at what scholastic type call the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


The Old Testament has beautifully graphic descriptions of the barbarity practiced by the forefathers of that particular religion. “But after Jesus…. and so on” will be the argument. Well, history shows a few million killed in His name, by the most populated Christian Church of our day. Look up the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition

Apart from that all these loving Christians seem quite happy in the fact, that if one refuses to accept their belief, one will do far worse than just die, one will SUFFER for eternity. Before that though, they themselves will not bloody their hands, but their Angels and Messiah sure will! Nice. Not surprisingly they seem to be quite fixated on blood and celebrate their Messiah’s horrible death and make Saints out of those that also died horribly in  His name. What really boggles my mind is the fact that they made a religious Icon of the very (Violent) thing that was instrumental in their leader’s death, the Cross. Now if my hero was killed by, say a knife and I went and mad an expensive piece of jewellery in the image of the type of knife that was used, and make and idol of it wearing it 24/7, the Doctors would pronounce me not well in my head. Think about that, take as long as you like.


Unfortunately I am not as well versed in the Quran as I am in The Holy Bible, but I did read it many years ago. It gives the Old Testament a run for its money, that is for sure. Without having a New Testament to try calm things down, the Muslims have a bit of a bigger problem than the Christians, to try convince me they  are not a violent bunch. With all the stuff about chopping the heads off infidels and what not, only difference they are prepared to do it themselves. Never mind waiting for God to set his Angels lose, they will just get on with it, right here and now. One need to just watch the news to see modern day violence carried out in the name of Islam/Allah.


What can I say? These are the folks that annihilated their “enemies” with a passion not seen often.  Barbaric bunch, as I have said, they killed every living thing in their raids, even the dogs and the chickens! In modern day these people have their pet monster, Hitler, who was a little less barbaric about killing his enemies, and I do not believe he killed all the Jewish owned animals. The modern day Israeli is not a bad killer himself, but that is all covered by religious righteousness. The Gaza Strip and the Palestine are eerily similar to the Concentration camps that were in the Anglo Boer War first and then later in Europe.

Nosce te ipsum

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