The Sharp Tongue

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti3

From the Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief II

My two new friends, Angus and Will, gave my social life a bit of balance. We would meet for breakfast sans women on occasion and catch up on the news. We had dinner parties at Angus’ place with his posh girlfriend, and sometimes her mother would be there. She had married into a family of doctors and produced another family of doctors. I do not think she was overly educated herself, but never missed a chance to belittle Angus and sometimes me for our non-doctor status. In her view, I had just crawled out from under a rock. So at one of these semi-formal dinners “Mom” said something about not knowing why these uneducated types had to go out with doctors. I was seeing Maria at the time. So the rules of engagement were set: fuck all the AA spirituality and being nicey-nicey to everyone. I politely informed her that due to our lack of intelligence we could not become doctors by studying, so we just fucked them and became doctors by proxy. It went rather quiet around the table and I didn’t get invited to supper for a long time after that.

Nosce te ipsum

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