The Cause Personality Disorder


Never let your cause, whatever it may be, become your personality.

I first noticed this when I joined the AA, attending one meeting a week. There were some people that attended seven to ten meetings a week, all the conferences and every  and all extra activities the AA groups had. If you needed information about the Program, the history of the AA and on matters of spirituality, these are the people to talk to.  Then joining the fight to save the rhino, I came across very similar people; just a different mission drove them.

That is all very well and good, even commendable perhaps, but if you wanted to talk about anything not related to their cause, forget it.  With the rhino people their personal Facebook page contained nothing other than rhino related posts and one could hardly differentiate between friends.

Now the with the AA one walks in knowing that one will find a whole bunch of people that are badly damaged.  With the rhino people, over a period of years I noticed, not all, but most seemed to be slightly “damaged” too!  Joining a Rhino Activist Group was like joining a mix and match personality disorder group. The lonely, the disenchanted, the heart broken and some downright crazy seemed to make up most of the members. Again I must stress, not all, but the people that fitted into this category were by and far the majority, and with the most to say.  Very few actually did anything at all, other than make inane comments on the groups posts.  Oh, some would be like the AA people and attended all the safer functions, marches, demonstrations and attending all the court cases of caught poachers.  The most frequent comments from this type, a sure warning signal were variations of, “Kill the poacher.” Rule of Thumb here is, the more violently graphic the comment, the crazier the person commenting.

Over the years I have observed that people do not deal with their personality problems/unhappiness by using different things. The straightforward ones just use drugs or alcohol; others find alternatives to hide away from themselves. Causes it one of those things, and like the alcohol it does no one no good.

Nosce te ipsum

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