The Easier, Softer Way

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti1

In accordance with the Justification and Excuses, when seeking radical change it is human nature to try find an easier, softer way.

Experience shows me this approach used on the Pursuit of Happiness, is doomed to failure. As in physical exercise trying to “grow” in a spiritual manner involves PAIN. The rather trite saying in the gyms, “No pain, no gain” is a pretty good summery of any type of personal growth it seems. All emotions that cause pain, from shame and guilt to anger and anxiety, are, or rather can be, teaching experiences, just depends on whether you want to learn or whine.

The other thing that is needed is great courage. Courage in the process of changing your life means the willingness to “look in the mirror” and acknowledge aspects of yourself that you may not know about or may not like about yourself. Courage allows you to explore your inner world and to not run from bad emotions you might feel as learn about yourself. Courage enables you to reject your old inertia, and set a new course.

Nosce te ipsum

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