The Evil of Religion


Religion is evil, particularly Organized Religion. Consider this, before you get on your High Horse.

“God and the devil were walking down a path one day when God spotted something sparkling by the side of the path. He picked it up and held it in the palm of his hand.

“Ah, Truth,” he said.

“Here, give it to me,” the devil said. “I’ll organize it.”

Religion is the conduct and rituals used within the context of a faith system. An organized religion is a faith system with an over-arching structure in place to define doctrine, standardize worship practices, and administrate the organization.

Way back when, Christianity, the dominant religion in Europe, deliberately arrested the development of science and scientific thinking, limiting investigation of the natural world and halted theological investigation. The scientific discoveries of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians were, as far as possible, suppressed and destroyed for centuries by the Christian Church. As a result, scientific knowledge progressed hardly at all during the Dark Ages. Ironic that the Darkness was brought by the very people/organizations that claim to be the bearers of Light, don’t you think? Since they could not stop the flow of information, they have fallen back to that old faithful, FEAR. You’re going to hell type stuff.

Women in particular have suffered at the hands of organized religion over the centuries. From the Biblical encouragement of the treatment of women as property to the barbarous witch hunts of medieval Europe to the Catholic crusade against birth control and abortion rights to the repression, disfigurement, torture and killing of women by Islam, women have been singled out for special treatment by the dominant religious groups. Many religious faiths keep women ignorant of almost everything, believing that the only suitable occupations for women are marriage and motherhood.

Why an intelligent woman would willingly be part of any religion is quite beyond me. Why any intelligent person for that matter, would follow a religion, for that matter.

The newfangled Born Again type are different kettle of fish, but just as dangerous in a different way. One of the earliest happy-clappy organisations, the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, left the world with a perfect example of the potential evil they can obtain, but the sheeple do not seem keen to learn the harder lessons in life. In case you do not know that name, the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, think…… Jonestown.

What organized religion now hates the most, more than their Devil, I think, is the trend for people to follow a spiritual path and not a religious one. Oh wait! They will blame that on the Devil too. I smile.


Nosce te ipsum

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