When Milestones become Millstones

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti9

It is very important to both set and then remember the milestones in one’s life. By setting them we can give ourselves motivation, by achieving them we gain satisfaction, and dare I say it? One may gain certain amount of happiness, through the satisfaction of achieving or completing a difficult goal.   The remembering it seems to be a two edged sword. On the one side it can give one confidence to achieve one’s next goal, on the other side one can decide not to set new goals and merely hang one’s hat on past achievements.

The milestone becomes a millstone when one allows the milestones to define you and so becomes a millstone that prevents one from taking courageous risks to accomplish more.

One of the big reasons I am pretty anti-social is because of the many people that do this, as I mentioned in my last article, I dislike braggarts. Well, I dislike associating and getting talked at by people that can only brag about their past achievements, especially when they brag about how wealthy they once were, the big house, the fancy car, the  business they use to own.  Things that I feel are not the most important milestones in this thing called life and the operative words being, USE TO.  Normally these people are sitting in a position of some hardship in the right here and now. Those milestones they had achieved are now millstones, which could be grouped and named “living in the past”.

Jung is quoted as saying, “You are the things that you do, and not the things that you say you will do.”

I put it to you, you are the things you are doing,  based on previous accomplishments and experience, not the things you once did.

Nosce te ipsum

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