Bragging – A Defect of Character


My Strange Classrooms tell me; defects of character stemmed from a need to feel secure and loved. One serious defect of character that seems to be prevalent is bragging.  We all have met those, being there, done that, and better than you, type of people.

Oh! You speak Spanish? That’s cute. I also speak Spanish, Italian and French. You taught Spanish in high school? I actually started my own company when I was 21, teaching 3 languages. I funded it myself!

God give me Grace!  I do not deal with this sort very well at all, which shows up a defect of character of my own. This will not do, I am sure I am not alone here.  So I thought the best thing is to see why they do it.

Understanding that they are actually sick, insecure and often lonely people should evoke some sympathy in me, for them. Nope, that did not work. I still find them irritating and actually they bring out the aggression in me. Next best thing, I also learned, when I get pissed off in a situation, remove myself.  If that is not possible, try to ignore the idiot and not getting into a competition with them seems to be a good plan.

Sometimes I hate these bloody Strange Classrooms, as for sympathy and braggarts? The only sympathy I find is for myself, that I have to deal with them.

Nosce te ipsum

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One Response to “Bragging – A Defect of Character”

  1. Yvette Ruppersberg Says:

    Dislike it extremely!

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