The Bigger Picture Trap


An insult I take often is that I am not looking at the bigger picture.  That worries me not, Firstly it is not true and because by observation, most the people that claim they see the bigger picture actually see very little; except what they WANT to see. Similar to the “God told me” crowd, the Bigger Picture Guys only see/hear what suites their agenda, and ignore the facts found in the never discussed Little Picture.  So, in fact these Bigger Picture braggarts are actually full of shit! Do not get me wrong, it is a brilliant asset to be able to see the bigger picture, but only if you see the WHOLE picture.  There is a saying, the devil is in the details, which the people mentioned above either cannot see, or choose not to see.

The people that concentrate only on the big picture, in my experience, tend to be the type that talk a good talk and never DO much. An example, if I sold a book to every person that has said to me, “Oh, you wrote a book! I am going to write one soon.”  I would be stinking rich, and, never see  one of those books ,even started never mind published.

Far, far more important is to be able to see the bigger picture in your own personal life. Just like photography with swooping wide-angle shots and detailed close-ups, every aspect of your life involves several different focal lengths.

The close-ups are where the actual work gets done, the action steps you need to take to move from A to B and B to C. This is a good thing. If you’re writing a book, for instance, you’ll probably be thinking about your chapter in progress as you write, not about the entire book.  But every now and then, you have to take a step back, take a wide angle shot and check what you have written, edit and then see where the story must go.

Same in life.

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