Leadership by Example

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There is only one way to lead, the internet is full of all sorts of shit about leadership, mainly pertaining to business though.  Since money is not my motivational driving force in this life, I do not care so much about business leadership. I tend to observe the “Spiritual Leaders” more closely. The first and most important thing about leadership is setting an example. My first “leader” use to say, very often, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.” Well, that did not work well, thank God, or I would be a high ranking Jehovah’s Witness right now!

Of the two major religions of the world, Christianity and Islam, I think that the Muslims are producing far better leaders than the Christians. This coming from a self confessed islamphobic . Why on earth would I say that?

Because the record shows that the popular Christian leaders over time, all these TV evangelists and what not, do not practice anything near what they preach. Neither does the leader of the worlds biggest Christian sect. The list of the Christian leaders failure to lead by example is far too long for a simple blog article, it would fill a whole book.

Now these Muslim fellows? They are very good, a religious leader will not only preach cutting the head off an infidel, he will damn well do it himself, give him half a chance.

If you are a Christian, do not be offended by this, I am not advocating any religion, I HATE all religion, I am saying,  take your current crop of leaders to task, or replace them.

If you are a Muslim?  You can be offended as much as you like. What can I say to a person that calls me an infidel and want to chop off my head??? If you are one of these “religion of peace” Muslims, go read your Koran some more.

So far I have found not one man to follow.


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