Dancing in the Dark


We all have some things in the past that we regret doing, much of our dark side stems from these. More often than not you will hear people tell someone that is depressed, “Forget the past and move on.” This is impossible, one cannot do both. In order to move on you have to not forget the past, but go back and access the dark things with complete honesty. Don’t do that and you are incapable of the “move on” part. So while you cannot change that past, you most certainly can learn from it, even if it is years and years later, but simply forgetting it, or blanking out the dark parts, you will just keep repeating the things you do that cause the darkness in the first place. In this case ignorance is not bliss. Once you have done an honest inventory of what part you played in creating the darkness, you have a choice: Continue to ignore it or decide make changes to improve. I can promise you, choosing the latter is, painful and entails a lot of work. In the long run it is worth it, choosing the former will just cause you to carry on building a dark past, in a state of semi-depression, as long as you live.

A big part of fixing your own darkness and moving towards the light is trying to help other people with similar problems as yourself, you can only do this by sharing what you have learned, from your past.

The Chronicles of The Mexican Horse Thief is not an autobiography, it is my reference book, Part II particularly. A story about, Dancing in the Dark, if you will.

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