People with Personal Problems vs People with Personal Issues

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Last night, trying to work out why I can feel empathy or at least sympathy with some people and will do my best to help them; others I simply just have no time for. I saw no logical reason for my choice of how I reacted to people, it just happens.

An epiphany!  You get two distinct types of people, those with genuine problems and those that have turned their problem into issues. Somewhere in my subconscious there is a filter that sorts them out, quickly, with no intellectual thought needed.

The word problem is connected with the word solution. A problem is something negative that needs to be solved. An issue is an important topic or problem for debate or discussion.

Not sure what the little men that put you on a couch would say about this, but this is my observation and conclusion.

Some people see a problem and seek a solution, the solution when attempting to solve a personal problem ALWAYS takes work.  You are always part of what causes the problem, always. Sometimes a minor piece, sometimes a major piece and I hate to tell you this, sometimes the whole damn thing. If a person wants to solve a problem the first and only way to do it is see where they can change their role in the problem. Like getting rid of their bad temper, intolerance, hate etc. Most will not admit that they are part of the problem, of the few that do, even less will be willing to make change to themselves.

So what do we have left? People with issues is what! They lie to themselves that they would do anything to rid themselves of the problem. What they want to do is have endless debates and whining discussions about their problem, most have problems, plural, because they LIKE having them. Their problems are now issues.

Now, any person that wants help on my specialty I am willing to share the knowledge gathered over nearly two decades of attending Strange Classrooms. If a person has personal issues, leave me out of it. People with issues are Energy Vampires, and very dangerous to other people’s mental health.

Good news.

Alcoholism is a problem, not an issue.

Drug addiction is a problem not an issue.

Having a “bad temper” is a problem not an issue.

Impatience is a problem, not an issue.

Depression is a problem, not an issue.

“Panic Attacks” is a problem, not an issue.

All the newfangled ABC type illnesses the doctors tell you that you have, most likely are a problem, not an issue.

All are fixable, without drugs,  if you are willing to do the work that it takes to address the problem.

You just need absolute honesty (with yourself), willingness, an open mind and a pinch of bravery.


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