God told me…..

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With all the goings on about this man called Angus obviously my thoughts have turned to matters of God, and the people that claim to represent him down here.

I have already voiced my opinion, based on Scripture why all this praying cannot work, the way men want to believe it will. ALL the Evil on Earth is in Accordance with God’s Will.

The first time I questioned this “God told me..” stuff was when I was very young. In the religion of my youth it is believed that only 144 000 humans will ascend to heaven and rule with Christ, the rest will remain here and restore earth to paradise. Now that is a big debate in its self, I was not interested in that. What I questioned was, how did old Brother Jack in our congregation know he was one of the 144 000 ? I was told that God (the Holy Spirit actually) told him. I was a bit young to think, “Kak man.” but even back then I did not believe this for a minute! I got a hiding of my life for voicing this opinion. Looking back I can see that hitting/hurting me does nothing to change my opinion, to this day. Rather give me facts, hard data to show me otherwise.

Jump 40 years, I see a lot of people claiming God speaks to them. I am even more sceptical than that child.

The very first evidence that something may be a bit off about such people is that it is strange how God tells them things they wish to believe, and, a lot of the time it is to their personal benefit. Then my religious training comes back to me too. The Jehovah’s Witnesses were/are big on the Book of Revelation where we have one main false prophet, but in the Book of Matthew, it speaks of many. Matthew 2:11. “And many false prophets will appear and deceive many people.” Now days we have all these people that are publically claiming that God speaks to them. Hell, I know a few people with no claim to fame, friends and acquaintances that claim the very self same thing.

19 years back when I first tried to start following a spiritual path, this used to piss me off no end, why the hell was God talking to them and I was getting no signal, no matter how hard I tried? And try I did!  The fact that I buried my cynicism is the best indication of how hard I was working on my mission. In those years I restudied the Bible, read the Koran, spent time with real Buddhist Monks in their monastery and went to many classes teaching meditation, still no word from God.

To this day, He still has not told me what my mission here should be, the only real question I would ask, if I had a chance, to ask Him. So while getting no reply, I found some advice in a Strange Classroom to help me along. “Do the next right thing.” We ALL know, deep down inside, what is right and what is wrong, just need to be honest with oneself, is all.


Personally I think the child was quiet correct, people that claim God speaks to them personally… kak man. I do not fully trust any person that makes this claim, period.

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