Faith and Fear

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When one mentions the word faith, most people immediately jump to the conclusion that you are talking about religious stuff. Far, far more important than that, in my opinion, is faith in oneself.

In this society I find myself in, they teach you to have self doubt from an early age, and lack of faith in yourself and who you are. Your “faith” gets put, not into yourself, but what you are taught. You must faithfully believe “they” are right and you are wrong.

When you are different, you faithfully believed that you have to change who you are. You need to bend and mould and become who other people told you you should be. You are supposed to put their (society) needs and opinions, first. You must to push down your joy, your hopes, your dreams. You must dull your shine, and just damn well fit in.

You believe those things so that you will be accepted and loved. So you do what you believe will get you those two things and you end up living in fear of being yourself. Worse, you start a long journey of living a lie. You lie firstly to yourself and then everyone around you. You are happy, you are doing well, and you are satisfied with your achievements in life. (You have a “good” job, you have a house, a car or two and all the things that show you are successful.)

Meanwhile you are slowly dying, your spirit, your soul if you will, is withering away. You forget who you actually are and become this non person that looks good from the outside.

I believe that this is a great cause of alcoholism and drug addiction, and the reason so many people in this modern society are on legal drugs for metal issues.  To quell the fear of being you, those that do not take to alcohol or drugs do other things, they shove the fear down with food, or hours of mindless TV,  join some cause or by refreshing facebook and email every twelve seconds

Living in fear and in a lie of your own creation is not a good plan. The first step out of this hell hole is to find out who you actually are, and that…… is a very scary task in itself.

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