Self Deception

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“The action or practice of allowing oneself to believe that a false or invalidated feeling, idea, or situation is true.”

It would seem the biggest problem with self deception is: we have to live our truth whether we are honest about it or not!  So why do it?

Reasons for Self Deception

The justification I have heard the most for self deception from people in my Strange Classrooms is people quoting some painful life experience. The cynic in me sometimes doubts that they are even telling the truth about that! For example, in one particular Strange Classroom that deals mainly with drug addiction, about 95% of the girls claim they were molested, hence the addiction problem.

Then, people often rationalize their questionable behaviour in an effort to maintain a positive view of themselves.  Beyond merely sweeping transgressions under the psychological rug, people can use the positive outcomes resulting from negative behaviour to enhance their opinions of themselves.

The way I see it is that people do not like to take full responsibility for either who they really are or their actions.

Doing some reading this is an example some clever chap in a white jacket came up with. A student will claim that he cannot study because he has concentration problems. Meanwhile the student is just worried that he is not intelligent enough to pass the test well. This excuse gives him an out.

This layman has observed:

In the past decade or so, what I call the ABC “sicknesses” have become the rage, if you do not want to take responsibility your lack of ability to control your child, the child has ADHD. If you have no self discipline, you are Bi-Polar or some shit. The Medical Profession and Pharmaceutical companies are loving it.

When I am drinking this bothers me not in the least, but when I get on my sober track, hell, people that use excuses like these really, really piss me off. Defect of character, that I can add to my list, I suppose.

How to fix it?

You have to take a long hard look in the mirror, and be brutally honest with what you see, and work from there.

Again, simple, but NOT bloody easy.


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