A Tribute to my Friend.

Mexican Horse Thief-Amanzimtoti169

Garth Greeff was my best friend when I was about 12 years old or so, maybe because he was the only guy brave enough to play with me. I have many stories I can tell about our adventures together, but this is one that sticks in my mind.

My father used to go once a week to a dairy farm just outside Edenvale to collect fresh milk, and I used to go catch snakes in the veld. One fine day my father dropped Garth and I off at the dam, I had a tiny Red-lipped Herald that ate tadpoles. Garth and I had made some nets with which to catch the tadpoles with and a large Milo tin, we both had short pants on and no shoes. My father, knowing us, gave us strict instructions that we were NOT to catch any snakes while he was at the dairy, adding “especially poisoness ones”, as he knew we would not listen.

Ja, ja. It did not take long to collect a tinfull of tadpoles, so Garth and I started lifting rocks, just to see what was underneath you understand? Then by no fault of our own, out popped a Rhinkals! A rather large Rhinkals. No discussion, the tadpoles were dumped and we caught the bloody thing using tadpole nets, our hands and the tin. It was the largest tin Milo made in those days, fortunately, as the snake just, just fitted in. That done we laughed and danced around in joy; until we saw my father’s car coming back to pick us up. We then thought about how much kak we were going to be in for disobeying my father.

That is but one story. The highest foofee slide, going down abandoned mine shafts, seeing who can sink the deepest in the mine sludge dams, exploring all the storm water drains…. always Garth would go with me where others dared not. Stephen King said in his book IT, that you never make such good friends as you had when you were 12, he is quite correct.

Salute Garth, I will see you in Valhalla. I’m pretty sure we can find some kak to get into, even there.


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