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Ask anyone if they are judgemental, 9 times out of 10, in my society that is Christian based the answer will be they do not. Some will stoutly deny any judgement at all, while a slightly more truthful answer would be that they attempt not to.

Both are absolute rubbish. It is a purely absolutely brainwashed answer. Of course you judge.

To judge someone actually means; to form an opinion or conclusion about someone. None of the formal definition includes any guidelines on the way you judge people. For instance, too quickly, too form a bias and/or personal opinion about someone or something. Despite the misinterpretation of that Scripture actually judging someone is not bad in itself.

You don’t believe me? Ok. If you have children then you would leave them in the care of any Tom, Dick or Harry, with no care. No? Okay how do you choose who you feel that they would be safe with? You have no children, but on the same theory then you would loan anyone any amount of money, regardless.

If you were so pure as to not judge a single soul, I do not believe you would be alive and able to read this article, of which of course, you make no judgement of the author thereof.

The meme cuts two ways. When first read, I believe the reaction is based on that same misinterpretation. Most will first think about how if they do not judge harshly it defines them as a “good” person. Not true. If you judge not one person or type of person harshly it shows you are a weak person more than anything else. In this new politically correct ” liberal” world, more and more evil is and will be condoned, no one wants to be seen as a judgemental sort. More and more excuses are made for the evil man does and judgement is, in theory, almost considered evil in itself. God forbid a few good people stand up and judge evil people/sects/types as evil.

As usual, this is, of course, just One Man’s Opinion.

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