The Mexican Horse Thief and the Rhino Poacher II


Due to a 20 something year old assault record I have, the head of security dug that up somehow and gave it to the bosses, my contract was not renewed. I had mentioned this on Facebook, Nick messaged me that if I had no other plan he had an idea for us. As I had no plans I said ok. Nick drove all the way from Badplaas to Mabula Lodge in to pick me up. I did not recognise him on sight, it had been 30 years, but his bakkie had the logo “Badplaas Mechanical Services” on it.

The idea was for me to run the admin side of his business and then get into the solar business. This I did, Nick had his own story he told about me breaking his nose. He told people I had hit the wrong guy, someone else had said that about my mom, and he was just trying to break up the fight. I stupidly let that go. A few other things he said did not gel, and I again gave him the benefit of the doubt, hell we were Brothers-in Arms, after all.

In retrospect what is frightening are the long conversations we had about Rhino Poaching.

Fortunately, by nature and by training I tend to keep a lot of things I know to myself, so I did not discuss the security at any of the places I had worked, good or bad. I am sure though in the general conversation he picked up a lot of information of just how bad the defence of the rhino is. Again that is general knowledge, more talk than action is going on at any given moment. He of course was “shocked and horrified” at the killing. He often said that I should try find another position in the anti poaching business, often. He of course would join me. After 6 years of all sorts of bullshit, I had decided, no more, I wanted to find something else to do with my life.

All did not go well at Badplaas, Nick’s wife kicked him out and his business was actually hers. The solar business? The capital for the demo unit was also hers! As she was going to get the Sheriff of the court lock the business up, I removed myself and my kit post haste, and went to build a Bottle Cottage in Nelspruit.

After I left Nick was in contact with me often, telling me he has a huge project that will be able to finance our Mini Generator – Solar idea, he never was clear on exactly what the project was, I suppose I know now.

While I often saw that Nick was a stranger to the truth, never in my wildest dreams, did I believe he would be a poacher, hell, he was much more passionately verbal about his hatred for the “middleman” I am always going on about.

Then one day I saw the photos of him being arrested. If I had found out while in Badplaas he was in the poaching business, I would have done more than break his nose…..


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