Rhino Poaching and Farm Murders


Keep in mind 5/6 years ago when I put forward the only way the rhino horn could move so quickly was if the air force bases were involved. Told I was delusional. Then a few years later? The Guptas and Waterkloof. Ja. As the say in the courtroom drama movies, “I rest my case.”


I doubt if there are many people that have a totally unique thought. About 5 years back, in the back of my mind I was wondering if the Rhino Poaching and the Farm Murders were somehow linked. The extreme unwarranted violence of both crimes made me think that they were. The torture in the “robberies” of the farms, and the hacking open to remove a baby from a poached rhino are not in line with the crime. A bank robber is not usually a rapist….

Mr Ian Cameron said in 2015, “There is a definite link between farm murders and rhinoceros poaching as it is often the same suspects who commit both crimes.”

Mr Cameron said motivations for farm murders varied from case to case as in some instances a person was just murdered and nothing taken and in others houses were ransacked and their occupants tortured.

“However, there is a trend in that we have found people start off committing one kind of crime and then progress to more violent and potentially more lucrative crimes such as rhino poaching. This we have noticed particularly in Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the northern areas of KwaZulu-Natal,” he said.


Now with the volunteers getting assaulted and worse at the Rhino Orphanage a whole new line of thought can be developed. One common thread, again, the ANC government. They are either silent or deny both problems, while the top members constantly advocate violence toward the white man. Link with the rhino is; on an informal survey the rhino are the white man’s property, therefore it is ok to kill and destroy them.

View the Mexican Horse Thief’s Page

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