Motivation for Murder (Farm Murders)


Anyone  that has watched a crime show knows, that in solving a murder case the detective always looks for the motivation of the murder first. Apparently these are the top 4 motivations for someone to commit murder.

  • The domestic argument
  • Money
  • Revenge
  • Alcohol and drugs

So while looking for a motivation for the Farm Murders we can take number out out immediately. Two I will discuss in a minute and add to the simple money gain, as in stealing a few Rand.

Number  3, revenge we can dismiss, as most of the killers that they have bothered to catch, or maybe just blame, are too young to have “suffered” under the Boer during the “Apartheid Regime.”

Number 4 is neither here nor there, unless taken that no sober person could take on and carry out this type of work.

So, lets take a look at money. How much money is the ANC and particularly Zuma, stealing every month it is in power? Hundreds, thousands, millions? We all have to agree that the cases of corruptions that do surface  show that it is millions, actually a LOT of millions. The ANC hierarchy has to stay in power to maintain this income.

So why would the ANC want to kill the white farmer in particular? Three words.

Government Land Policies.

The ANC is in trouble with its supporters over this, more so than any other issue at this moment.


“Responding to the debate on his State of the Nation Address in Parliament on Thursday afternoon, Zuma said land restitution would be carried out in accordance with the law.

He also said affirmative action did not demonstrate hatred of white people but was necessary to heal the divisions of the past.

President Jacob Zuma acknowledged criticism that government had not met its land restitution targets.

But he said this was because the willing-buyer, willing seller policy was frustrating the process and costing the government millions of rand to buy back the land.

Zuma said government would act within the law to transfer land to the majority.(Black)”

I put it to you, considering the WAY the white minority farmers are being murdered, torture, rape and bodies defiled, that this is no simple murder but and act of pure terrorism. The aim?

To get the white farmers that have survived to be those “willing sellers.”

This is just a theory, but I think it is a viable one.

In my previous article I put forward the theory of how the ANC is going about this business of murder.

Farm Murders – A Genocidal 3rd Force?



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