Farm Murders – A Genocidal 3rd Force?


The other day I wrote about SONA and the possibility of a 3rd Force in this country carrying out the Farm Murders. As I said I do not believe there is a 3rd Force per se.  Even though with the latest goings on with the Sihle Balane Black Ops issue, one must wonder.

I will however put it to you that the powers that be, can and are recruiting an informal army. You can decide if it is intentional, or not. How? It is quite simple. First you run the country into the ground, amassing wealth for a select few. These select few, in office now, fail to give the majority what they have promised and simply blame the minority for all the ills and the ongoing poverty of the majority.

This the ANC has done for many years, EVERYTHING was blamed on apartheid. Eventually even the most ardent supports of the ANC found that this was wearing quite thin. Recently they have started blaming the whites for holding all the economic power in the country, so it is still the minority race that is to blame for the majority race’s hardships.

While doing all this, the leaders have simultaneously, first “dehumanized” the minority, and given them one label: Boer. You can read about one of  the   first steps needed for Genocide to succeed in this article.

Genocide in South Africa today – What makes one a BOER?

That the president of South Africa then sings songs publically about killing the Boer; after blaming him for all the countries woes, gives the majority race, an unofficial licence to slaughter these Boers.   Many high ranking ANC and EFF members have publically voiced the same sentiment.  It is not only a solution to kill Boers but your duty as a downtrodden black man.

And there you have your unofficial totally deniable  3rd Force. The CIA could not do any better.

I see many people of my own (minority) race debunking the Farm Murders, saying things like; the black people are getting murdered too. I do not dispute that we are an incredibly violent nation and we kill each other off willy nilly. Demographics will show that the most murders are in the Cape Flats, and those are neither white nor black majority areas.

I put it to you that the way the Boere are getting killed is a vastly different thing to simple murder. No other race has been held hostage, tortured, raped and killed with such malice.

Like with the Jews in Germany, will we wait too long before we cry, “Foul”?


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