SONA 2017 Land Reform & Black Ops


Never one to believe easily in these conspiracy theories about a 3rd Force, 5th Column and what not; but I am always open to new ideas and views.

The Farm Murders, I have my thesis on exactly how the ANC is recruiting, not an army but converts to carry out these missions. That I will put down on paper later, as right now with SONA been the focus of attention, a friend of mine put forward his own theory. As usual I listened and will have to think about it. I must admit with the Sihle Balane, Black Ops issue, I am giving it more credibility than I would have a few months back.

Here is.

Zuma said:

There had been a 19% decline in households involved in agriculture, from 2.9 million in 2011, to 2.3 million households in 2016.

Zuma said he would be referring the Expropriation Act back to Parliament for more public participation so that they could continue to pursue land reform and land redistribution, in line with the Constitution.

(People are leaving the business because it is now considered one of the most high risk jobs in the world!)


What if:

The ANC not only has a Black Ops operator doing the media, but some that do “Wet Work” as well?! Being   listed as a terrorist organization from the start the ANC is not bound by the Rules of Engagement one would find in the more legitimate and civilized political parties. By a deniable Black Ops, the ANC can take the land, and stay within the Constitution in the eyes of the law.

Just a thought passed on and expanded by me.


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