How the ANC perpetrates the SA “Rape Culture”


As I have said, I am not one that likes to follow the chain of command,  let us start at the top and work down.

ANC president Jacob Zuma basically giggled his way through the charge of rape.

Two top ANC members in E Cape face rape charges


ANC Limpopo Leader Tolly Mashamaite Charged With Rape

The list would take me all day to complete, so I will leave it there.

The next way that the present government is aiding the rape, and crime in general, is by controlling the news. Paranoid? If you think so go look at what laws are CURRENTLY on White Paper in Parliament.

Statistics cam be played anyhow, as I believe that the Official Rape Reports are. Here is what we are told and then a few things I think should be factored in.

The Official Police Report on rape tells us that in 2016 42 596 rapes were reported. Slightly down from the past few years. Check my maths here please.

42 596 / by 365 days = 117. / by 24 hours = 4 per hour.

Not so bad (Sarcasm), but is this a true refection of the situation?

No! Even in civilized countries woman are reluctant, to this day, to report rape. How much more so than here, where rape seems to be part of the culture and the men just walk away?

The Medical Research Council says while it is concerned about the prevalence of rape countrywide, it warns under-reporting is an even bigger problem.

Professor Naeemah Abrahams says the scourge of under-reporting takes place countrywide.

“We find that one in 25 women who reported that they were a victim of rape also reported it to police.”

She says, “Women often think it was their fault, that they are to blame and therefore do not report it.”

Therefore, correct me if I am wrong, the figure for rape should be worked out thus:

42 596 x 24 = 102 2304/ by 365 days = 2801. / by 24 hours = 117 per hour

Shit, as I did the math here and now as I am writing I see that the Official per Day is the same as my unofficial by hour. Strange unhappy coincidence.

I have always believed in leadership by example, it is clearly demonstrated here.

My conclusion is that the ANC plays a huge role in the horrific rape stats that this country has.

Please feel free to disparage that conclusion, but give a reasonable explanation why.

(Reasonable would not include blaming apartheid or the white man.)



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