Has Society hit an all time low?


Been out in the bushveld for the most part these last few years, the one thing that is, or so I thought, was the terrible internet connection. The last few months I have had perfect internet and while I do my blogs and stuff, check out all the goings on in the world. Before I use to just use what little time I had on the net checking the Rhino situation mainly.

Watching the news and all the other strife around the world and thought about that. I do not believe it is the worse times humans have ever seen, they just get to hear and see about it now. If there were two or three chaps like old Genghis Khan running about I would say we were in more trouble than we have ever seen.

The thing that gets me is how utterly vulgar the world has become. All this noise about Political Correctness, these people’s rights and those people’s rights seem to have taken the focus off of plain old fashioned good manners. Back in the city, in the shops, at people’s homes, in fact any where I look I find people’s manners appalling.  Now I am a rough boy, and have lived a rough life, but I was brought up with the idea the manners maketh the man. I do attempt to be at least polite and not too crude.  If I see the decay in society, what must the more gentlefolk think?  Are there many of them left even?

The last straw was these so called feminists running around dressed as female genitals.  Apart from the fact that it is mind boggling that they think this will help women’s rights it is just plain vulgar.

Never did, never will like “society” much, now days even less so.

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One Response to “Has Society hit an all time low?”

  1. Tommy Says:

    My sentiment exactly. … we think the same my boet … God bless you

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