Religion & Homeless People

When not on guard duty I was compelled to attend church, this was held in a huge hall. The most interesting part was that the Ministry women were allowed to attend this general service. They were dressed to the nines for this occasion, but escorted in and first to be allowed to go out. No one was to leave until they were safely escorted back behind the gate. I am told that the main Ark has about a thousand people, these services had a few hundred in attendance.
The services were mainly, same old, same old. Often people would start shouting out and shaking, I believe many others think that they are special because the Holy Spirit has entred them. The most amusing thing I saw, because I watch people very carefully, was one of the Pastors, he started shouting, “I love you Jesus, Thank you Jesus” etc.
When he saw,  I watched him checking through narrow but not closed eyes. I was watching this guy for a reason, he is one of those people that make me itch. He now got zapped by the Holy Spirit and was shaking and carrying on. People around were praising him and the Lord at the same time. A bit later another chap followed the process and the attention of the hysterical mass was diverted.
My guy continues for a bit, peeps to see what’s up and then looks at his  watch. Gotcha, fucking phoney piece of shit. He must have felt my stare and looked directly at me, I winked. Got laugh at these people or I will cry.

Nosce te ipsum

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