People actually LIKE boxes. On observation they seem to like them more and more. A while back I write an article about all these new alphabet sicknesses that have sprung up. Responsibility for your Actions.  In that article I discussed how people use these new fangled sicknesses that the medical people are inventing by the dozen, as an excuse for bad behaviour and lack of self discipline.

Lately on further observation, I see that the average person is very uncomfortable unless they are in a box. They actually put themselves in these boxes and brag about it. This is mind boggling for me.

While the fact that they WANT to be in these little boxes is strange, it is, or rather, was not a big issue. They are just pretty impossible to have an intelligent conversation with, so I seldom talk to the more badly affected ones.

What really makes me unhappy is; they are not content to climb in whatever box that makes them comfortable and mind their own business. No, they get a box mentality and start to categorize everyone around them, and put them in a box too! The worst is that most do not even know the person (me) that they are trying desperately to box.  A lot read some of one’s Facebook posts, decide that they now know that person intimately and then file them in a box of their choice. Then proceed to tell the entire world, again via social media, who you are and what your problem is. No man!  This is unacceptable.

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