The Root of all Evil


My friends and I have been discussing religion quite a bit in the past few days, considering it is Christmas season and a lot of my friends are Christians, this is not surprising. Now as many know, I detest religion, all religion; I make no bones about it and think that religion may just be the root of all evil. The Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil, which I can agree with too. I thought greed would be the driving force here.  Then Eugene put this on the table. Poverty causes people to love money.

Yeah? Well, it is said that the person that you think of first thing when you wake up and last person or thing you think of as you fall asleep, is the person you love. Now if you think of that person in every waking hour in between too, well you must love that person very much, yes?

So, here I can speak from experience, when you are really, really poor, the first thing you think of is, if you have a roof over your head, is how you can keep it; even just for one night. That means you have to find some money, if you are lucky enough to have a solution for that problem, next you start to think of how you can get some food. That too involves money. In fact your whole day revolves around thinking about how and where you will get some money. Money for some airtime for your phone; money for in order to get something other than warm water to drink; money for a cigarette or two. More money because the little food you may have had was not really enough to satisfy your hunger. That means you have spent the entire day focused on one thing, if you take all the small details out, and one thing is, money.

Then as you lay your weary head to rest, your thought invariably turn to one thing; where are you going to get money from in the morning in order to survive, just one more day?


Yes, poor people love money and a lot of evil stems from these poor, desperate people. The evil is further spread by the more fortunate people that either ignore or actually cause the poverty that spreads this need to think about money, all day, every day.


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One Response to “The Root of all Evil”

  1. Estelle Haward Says:

    Thouthfull piece.

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