Reptiles & Amphibians Series – 2

Not all the photos in this series will be high quality, depends on what equipment I had on hand when I found the subject.
These two photos were taken when I was working at Mabula Lodge. The Cape Cobra was not out in the wild, in was captive in the small Snake Park they have.  Although it is said that the Cape Cobra is endemic to all of South Africa, I have never come across one in the Bushveld. People like to argue, so I will not say this is a fact, but it has been reported that the Cape Cobra is responsible for the most snakebite deaths in South Africa.


The young man working there reminded me of another I knew long ago. I have the newspaper clipping of him in my “Dead File.” Snakes are not overly impressed with boastful arrogance.

Photographic Club

A person can have the best equipment money can buy, and get a high quality, mega pixel, in focus shot every time, no problem.  But then the composition can be lousy, no matter how interesting the subject is, and if the shot is not pleasing to the eye, is a snapshot, nothing more, nothing less.
So you go learn all about composition, the “rule of thirds”, and even take it further and go for the rule of 5ths. Your photographs are now 100% better, but still not THE best.

At Photography 101 we will not only teach you the above, but will show you how to LOOK, first with your own eyes and only then through the view finder. Some people have a gift, they not only think, but also see, From a Different Angle.  I believe the two are inter-related and that in order to SEE, one first has to THINK…..from a different angle. And that is what we shall teach you way beyond just the basic skills.

This is an educational club where amateurs and professionals can join and share Techniques and Photo’s join our competitions and market your product to Magazines and Websites Developers, Locally and International. It is an educational based club hosted run and managed by:

The Mexican and Bierpens.

Of Interest

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