PTSD – Anger & Aggression

“Anger is  a large part of a survivor’s response to trauma. It is a core piece of the survival response in human beings. Anger helps us cope  energy to keep going in the face of trouble.  Yet anger can create major problems in the personal lives of those who have experienced trauma and those who suffer from PTSD.”   American Veterans Association.

They go on to say that, “One way of thinking is that high levels of anger are related to a natural survival instinct.” Well, in another Strange Classroom they told me that Alcoholics have a problem of those instincts have become too highly tuned. I also learned somewhere else about learned behavior, which are acquired changes in behavior during one’s lifetime.

Now that I can relate to! I was a peaceful, introverted child but by constantly been bullied, I learned that naked aggression, fulled by anger, soon dealt with any bullies. After school the infantry and a couple of wars honed this aggressive behavior to a very fine edge. “Create major problems in the personal lives“, is a major understatement.

Giving up the actual act of taking a drink was the easy part, although if told that at the start of my sobriety mission I would have called you a liar. The hard part is to unlearn this damned learned behavior. Considering that by the time a person gets to the point where they are forced to do something about it, the learned behavior is so embedded in their personality that it is impossible to do so with out a lot of help. Hell, at that stage one has no idea who the real you is!

But it IS possible. I wrote this second part of The Chronicles dealing almost exclusively with that in mind, using myself as the example.

The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief II – Renaissance

You may want to check it out.


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