Of Being a Writer – The Research

Many think that this is an ideal job, an excellent way to make a living.. I don’t know about that! It involves a lot of time and trouble to write, and not many will support your efforts to boot, it is not seen as a “real job”, until you succeed that is.

Firstly there is all the research needed, and if you are a writer like me, that writes only on things you have seen and done, this can be …. interesting but also dangerous. It means one has to get up to all sorts of things and travel to some bloody dangerous places. Some examples:

To have written my very first story The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I would not have been possible unless I went to Angola, as a soldier.


Having survived that little mission I got into a lot of trouble when back in South Africa, and that gave me the material for the first half of Chronicles II. While gaining these , not so nice experiences, I changed a lot and began attending my Strange Classrooms. Here I found the rest of my material, not only to complete the second Chronicles, but also to write a series… called Strange Classroom. A lot of effort was required! I started off in what those in the know call The Rooms. Alcoholics Anonymous. Then I went and spent time with some Buddhist Monks, real ones from China. Next I took another look into the Jehovah’s Witness religion, and while on that theme attended some other churches too. The Born Again guys are quite a scary bunch in my opinion.

That all done I got a bit bored and joined up with the commandos and police as a volunteer. This took me to more interesting places, like Army Battle School and on drug raids in the notoriously dangerous Hillbrow.  After that I decided to travel again, but got into a lot of trouble and ended up in a homeless shelter in the Cape. More dangerous than Hillbrow, and gave me a lot to write about in Chronicles IV.

So that is just the research part of trying to be a writer.

Next article will include the actual writing part and later we can discuss the trying times of Being a SUCCESSFUL Writer. Of which I am not, yet, working on it, so please buy one of my books on the short story link below.. dammit! 🙂

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Short Story. The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I – Angola

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