Rhino Wars – One Fine Day

A happy story….


This little fellow and his mom had not been seen for a good few days; neither by the Rangers nor the day shift APU.  Of course we were expecting the worst. I was on permanent night duty, 6pm t0 6am but tried my best to find them, I checked the whole perimeter fence, dreading finding human spoor that would lead me to a dead body. After two nights of this I got gatvol.

The APU had only one   vehicle and then the bosses vehicle, he was seldom seen, only came around to shout now and then about the fuel I was using at night and all the flat tyres.  I finished off at 6am and dropped my guys off, handed the vehicle to the day shift corporal and phoned my boss. I wanted to loan one of the Parks game viewing Landrovers, they had at least 10, and half of those were not in use during the week. He said, “No!”

Well, I have a problem with authority figures at the best of times and a F*@^ you attitude, pretty much all of the time.  The keys for those Landies were always in the ignition, and they were parked in an unlocked area. At 8am, all the guys in the transport section go and have tea….

Found a Landie with a full tank of fuel and stole the damn thing.  Funny thing is both my radio and cell phone seemed to both be on the blink. By this stage I knew the Park well, and the roads that none of the Rangers would drive on; must say I am not a big Landrover fan, but those vehicles can go any-damn-where.  As you can see by the lighting of the photos, I found them in the late afternoon.

Funny, my radio and cell suddenly were working again. I waited for the Head Ranger  to get to me and then told him what I had done, basically stolen a Park vehicle and disobeyed a direct order from my boss.   Said boss was always going on about how he was a Special Forces Colonel and how many people he had killed, shit, he threatened to kill me enough times. The Head Ranger was boss of my boss and told me not to worry.

I headed back, gave the guy in charge of the transport section his vehicle, minus most of the fuel, and went to face the music. Lots of shouting, threats and what not, and told to go pick up my men and get on patrol. I think this incident may, just perhaps, be one of the reasons my contract was not renewed.

That night, I was tired buy happy, the rhino was safe and some of the pretty young Game Guides were suitably impressed.



Oh, I also took a “shadow selfie” while waiting for that Head Ranger to find me. 🙂


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