The Mexican’s Chronicles – Religion 1

” It was also my first therapy. I got a lecture on the Trinity, a new version. These guys have a different angle on the subject. Then got questioned about my childhood. 45 minutes of Bible pounding and 15 about little Wayne. Okay. Survived that. Back at the dorm Theo is back. I am glad to see him, he is the only really honest guy I have met, and he could organize. This he did and we snuck out to the local little shop, now I was a gate guard as well it was a simple matter.

I thought about that and saw a way to procure goods! If I let the guys sneak out for a quickie with the gangsters whores, I would ask for something in return, smokes, tobacco, money, whatever. From both the gangster and the inmate. Hell, think I am getting the hang of this place. I shall get a permanent job on the gate. We bought ice suckers, smokes and chocolate, some biscuits and a pie each. Then real milk! I owed Theo big time for this one. We went back to the dorm and had coffee with that real milk, later I used it and had a Wheatbix snack with sugar too. Life was good.”

From The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief IV.


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