Facebook taking a backseat to Flipboard


Approximately a month back I came across Flipboard on the bloggers site called Niume. Niume  I have found to be a very good platform for reaching a new audience, the downside is  it does not drive traffic back to your sites As my WordPress site, One Man’s Opinion and my Mexican Horse Thief page on Facebook are my primary focus, this is a bit of a disappointment.  From day one of my attempt at being a blogger/writer finding the primary site to use has been a pain. Facebook  has for the past seven years,  lead the field at driving traffic to One Man’s Opinion;  to say “by far” would be an understatement of note. Believe me I have tried many, many sites to get traffic,  Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, MySpaceGoogle+,  Pinterest just to name a few.

Always ready to try a new thing I signed up for Flipboard, the first thing I found and really liked was there concept of Magazines.   I am a bloody Gemini and jump all over the place it is hard to say, “My blog is about…..” .  In Flipboard I published a few Magazines, Photography, Short Stories, Mexican Horse Thief, Rhino Wars and Strange Classrooms. That done I went to One Man’s Opinion and copied links for all the articles I have written and pasted them in the relevant Magazine. I did not expect much, cynical bugger that I am.

Slowly at first, I saw the stats for where  my traffic was coming from showed more and more from Flipboard, which I had not been spending much time on at all. Paying a bit more attention to this site I found that it is also the best place to find info on subjects that interest me, much better than any of the other more popular sites. I actually do not like Tumbler and Reddit at all, and the Reader in WordPress takes so long to load that I get bored waiting and leave before read anything.

Then, yesterday, checking my stats I was astonished to find that Flipboard is now sending me just over 80% more traffic than Facebook!

I spend 90% of my time and effort on Facebook, up until now that is. That is going to change.

I would strongly recommend that you go check out Flipboard, now!


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