Running with the Bulls

One of the best jobs I have ever had was working for a Tour Company as a spotter in the Pilanesburg. All I had to do was sit in the passenger seat of the bus, and “spot” animals. Met some interesting tourists…….


Then we had the three Musketeers, three very mucho Spanish guys, all in their late 20’s. They were loud and boisterous; Jaco was very tense around them. They could all speak English and the conversation gets around to the running with the bulls thing, Jaco asked if they have done it. All three have, one guy has done so more than once. I smell trouble a brewing! Jaco asks how many bulls are let loose; I do not recall the answer, but Jaco replies, “Here in Africa we run with only one bull.” This causes the Spaniards to laugh and chatter away in their language for some time…….

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