2. Mexican Chronicles Series

Meantime I chop wood and get fit and strong. While chopping wood Karen calls me and tells me that she can’t visit on the weekend, no money. I do not want to think about the inverters and how close we all became to financial wealth. I just chop fucking wood. Some goes to an antique boiler, they don’t even have hot water bills here. The main Pastor here in men’s camp is a huge man with a wooden leg. His name is Ralph and he starts the chain saw by holding it in front of him and jerking his arms wide. Impressive. Very strong man, and like all the Pastors here he must have a dubious history. He has a flatlet attached to the dorm and his mother lives with him. He is a no non sense type of chap. We have little to say to each other though. There is an older coloured guy that is always at the trees, he works tirelessly, does more than double the work any of the younger guys do, he too speaks very little.

This is taken from the yet to be published Chronicles IV.

You will find the beginning of the story here:

The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I – Angola

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