Dirt Bag – Photos

One day I went with the photographic artist, Tanisha Bhana, to the rubbish dumps. This man and the dirt bag caught my eye.



How I met Tanisha, from The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief VII.

“Meanwhile I was enjoying going to all the art shows with Gordon and meeting the people that popped into the studio. One day I returned from the shops to find Gordon and a very attractive woman sitting in the living area. Gordon introduced me to Tanisha, she had come to show Gordon her latest works. As she does photographic art Gordon asked me to have a look, the art was exceptionally well done and I saw that my skills at Photoshop were pathetic compared to what Tanisha could do. Gordon was called away for a while so Tanisha and I spoke.

First thing I told her was my theory of the most dangerous thing I have seen is a pretty woman. She laughed at that and would remind me about that statement a year or so later. We then spoke about writing, and it turns out that Tanisha writes poems that fit in with her work. Her mission is to show the damage man is making in the environment with his rubbish. Then to add flowers and plants growing out of the same rubbish. We played around with the idea of writing some things together and I did not think anything would come of it. We swapped net details but not phone numbers and when she left I really did not think I would see her again except at art shows.”


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