Free Condoms

Mexican Horse Thief x

“I was still working a few days a week at gordart Gallery, the traffic was a nightmare, hated the fact that I had to go out there already my recluse frame of mind was getting stronger. One day, going into the gallery, with Kathy as a passenger. We stop at a major intersection in Auckland Park area. A person at the traffic light offers free samples, I don’t even look what and say, “No!”

Kathy stretchers over me and takes the samples…. The chap then demands money. I tell him I have none, which is perfectly true. He demands the samples back, Kathy  won’t give. Old lady, Kathy is a, born again Christian, a black lady.. So the light changes and I start to pull away.

The guy punches me a solid one in the face! I stall the car in the middle of the intersection, peak hour traffic, mind you. I get out the car; walk up to the guy who is now hurling abuse at me. I kick his ribs in with my right boot. He screams, staggers around a bit, clasping his side, then swears at me some more. As his arms are clutching his injured side I kick his ribs in with my left boot. More screams, then his hands drop to his belt line behind his back. I think, “weapon!” My left hand has my gun out and cocked in an instant, I am yelling at him, that if he moves his hands another inch I will fucking shoot him.

By now the traffic is snarled up nicely and I have a very large and irate audience. A taxi driver gets out and I am worried this whole thing is going to end in a bloodbath.  Also I have only six rounds. Then the taxi driver klaps my free sample guy and tells him, “Say sorry to the Baas.” I use this diversion to jump in my cars and wiggle my way out of there. Don’t need any shit with the cops. I am so pissed off with Kathy that  I cannot even look at her. ”

What did Kathy get?

Free fucking condoms.



Nosce te ipsum

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