Short Story The Coin Security Fiasco.

I had answered an ad in the paper and set up an interview in Sandton. As I was still working part-time with the pet shop guy, and thought the interview would not take long, I took along two snakes to be delivered and my girlfriend. I parked in the underground garage in the posh Sandton city and, dressed in my suit, arrived on time for the interview. Something made me leave my gun with my girlfriend.

In the middle of the interview the manager that was conducting the interview got an emergency phone call. He was told that there had been an accidental shooting at the barracks in Midrand, and asked if we could continue the interview in the car on the way there. I said that would be fine. I had no cell phone to tell my girlfriend of the developments, but she was always a very patient person.

We drove through to the barracks and as we drove through the gates two security guards slammed them shut and chained them closed with a padlock. I had no idea what was happening, but knew enough to know we had just fallen into a trap! This idiot manager had been fooled into coming out here. There had been no accidental shooting; these guys just wanted a larney in their hands.

All these armed men surrounded the car; they had the standard .38s and pump action 12 gauge shotguns. They pulled the manager out of the car and started screaming at him, asking why he had brought a cop along with him – meaning me. You have to see the irony in this one. At this stage I had a 12 gauge stuck in my face and was being frisked by another security guard. I still have no idea why I broke my habit and left my gun with my girlfriend, but if I had not, things might have turned out horribly different. These chaps were very hyped up and I believe the one with the shotgun would have shot me.

I was calmly trying to convince them that I was (a) undisputedly NOT a policeman, and (b) did NOT work for Coin Security, but merely had come for an interview. This was only accepted by a couple of them; some of the more aggressive guys were still for beating me up a bit, at best, and shooting me, at worst.

This still undecided, I found out what the whole mess was about. Apparently all they wanted from management was: mieliepap, pots to cook it in, and some extra blankets. They had tried the normal channels with no luck, and this was the last resort. I wanted to shoot that manager myself: firstly, because he was so dumb as to fall into the ambush, and secondly, he was denying their very simple requests.

My fate still hanging in the balance, I was immensely relieved when an hour or so later two ex-recce chaps from my Angolan jol arrived. ‘Mexican Horse Thief, what you doing man?’ Fortunately they were black; most likely they had planned this whole thing. They cleared up the policeman matter and we spent the rest of the time chatting about the good old bad days. Phone calls were made along with promises of better living conditions and we were allowed to leave.

On the way back that stupid manager tried to justify his and his company’s actions. I was not impressed. We got back to Sandton and I went back to my bakkie; this had all taken about 4 hours, and my girlfriend had been having some fun on her own. Apparently the snakes had escaped and she had been chasing them around the back of the bakkie. Fortunately they were non-venomous and she managed to re-capture them with no real problems. She was a bit peeved that I had been so long, but once she heard the story it was okay.

I never heard a word about that interview; I guess I didn’t get the job. What I did do is deliver the snakes, return home to collect a camera lens that I had a duplicate of, pawn it, and get horribly drunk for a few days.

Extract from The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief II.

The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief I – Angola is available HERE



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