Of Dangerous Things

RPGs, Snakes and Scorpions.

The Mexican Horse Thief RPG

One day in Mozambique

The driver and I drive the bakkies about 15km to the spot we must meet the motor bikes. It is by a kraal that has a Shebeen attached to it. When we get there we buy a couple of cokes and raid the cooler boxes for some food. I go on a walk about and find almost immediately some scary shit. Just off the goat path are two RPG’s  they have been fired but did not detonate, the nose cones tips, which is the trigger, are dented and the fins at the rear are open. RPG’s self detonate at about 950m if they do not hit anything. These have malfunctioned. I gently lift one and feel the weigh, yip, it is full of explosives. They are lying neatly next to each other, so the goat herd boy must have found them and brought them here. Bad, they could pop any time, theoretically. I take a photo of them, for future reference, a bad one as I only had a really shitty little camera.

I wander off into the hills; catch 2 small snakes and a scorpion. The snakes are a harmless burrowing type; the scorpion has big pinches and a small tail and sting. The rule of thumb is: big pinchers, small tail, not so venomous. Small pinchers, big tail, watch out.

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Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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