A Close Call – with a Puff Adder

An extract from The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief  II –


Puffy head r

One  Sunday it was feed-all-my-animals day. Chondre, my new girlfiend, had arrived wearing a little sundress that I liked very much, and sandals. My snake boxes were constructed in three levels: on the bottom I had a huge Puff Adder and a much smaller one living together. Next level was the Anaconda and any pythons I had at the time. The last level was for all the smaller snakes, and there was an empty box for feeding. The top box had a lid and the rest had glass sliding-doors. I wanted to feed the small puffy but if he had grabbed one side of the baby rat and the big puffy the other, the big puffy would have just swallowed him along with the rat. I took him out and put him in the feeding box, which already had a baby rat in it. He struck and started feeding immediately.

I left Chondre leaning on the box watching him eat and went outside to feed my rather large collection of breeding rats, had approximately a hundred rats at any given time. The Anaconda would eat ten to fifteen at a go.  I was not gone very long. When I came back in I heard my name being squeaked.  On entering the room, I saw the large Puff Adder was at Chondre’s feet. I had forgotten to slide the door closed when I took the little puffy out! Chondre was standing almost still; her dress looked as if a breeze was blowing it gently around her legs. No breeze, the poor girl was shaking like a leaf!

I told her to stand still one more moment, then, as the puff adder’s head moved about 200 cm past her feet I grabbed her arm and yanked her towards me. I steadied her, then grabbed the snake and put it back in the box, closing the door this time. Chondre told me that she felt something tickling her toe, thought it was a fly, and flicked at it. When it did it again she looked down, only to see that it was no fly. The Puff Adder was smelling her foot with its tongue! (Snakes use their forked tongue to pick up particles in the air and transfer these to a special gland.) This was a huge Puff Adder and the tongue’s points were 6 or 7 mm apart.


Some fly.


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