The New Normal, by Karl Sturman

Every so often I ask a friend to be a “Guest Blogger.” This article was written by Mr Karl Sturman, who is not only a friend but also my Brother. Karl is no Armchair Warrior, he has lived and done dangerous jobs all over the world, many in the Middle East. You can read more of his though provoking articles by clicking on the link above.

The New Normal
It is difficult to know where to begin. The death toll in the name of Islam the past month is unparalleled in modern times. During the latest month of Ramadan, more people fell in the name of Allah, both Muslim and Infidel, than at any other time in known history. There have been so many attacks recently, that this analyst feels nothing less than overwhelmed simply trying to relate to those who may not be so attuned to the goings on in the world and are, instead, living their day to day lives, not even aware that the geopolitical machinations I opine upon will, assuredly, affect them as well. In myriad different ways. The way they go about their personal and business affairs. The additional security precautions free societies will undergo to simply travel from one country to another if the current trend continues, which it assuredly will, for the foreseeable future. Witness the following…….
On July 3rd, a truck bomb in the predominately Shia district of Karrada in Baghdad driven by a Fedayeen suicide bomber plowed into a busy building that housed businesses and numerous private residences shortly after sundown, as hundreds of Shiite Muslims were breaking their fasts during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan. When the dust finally settled, an astonishing number of Muslims were killed, or would later succumb to their injuries. Three hundred and eight in total.
  • July 5th, an Islamic terrorist bomber in Hassakeh, Syria detonates his evil burden, tearing to pieces thirty of his fellow Muslims.
  • July 5th, in Um al-Housh, Syria 40 civilians are rounded up and executed by Islamic State, including women and children, to send a message to those who would defy the rule of ISIS.
  • July 6th, in Aden, Yemen al Qaeda suicide bombers kill 25 Yemeni soldiers at a checkpoint.
  • July 7th, in Balad, Iraq 56 Shiite worshipers are blown apart in front of a Shia mosque.
  • July 8th, in Aleppo, Syria Al Nusra Front fighters bombard Syrian civilians with artillery shells, slaughtering 34 and wounding a further 200.
  • July 10th, in Fallujah, Iraq 46 Sunnis are burned alive by members of the Shiite militia Hashd al-Shaabi.
  • July 14th, A Muslim immigrant plows through a crowded street in Nice, France killing 84 men, women and children.
  • July 19th, in Nampala, Mali an al-Qaeda linked Islamic terrorist group attacks a security camp and kills 17, and wounds a further 35.
  • July 19th, in Jadha, Iraq 33 civilians are executed in cold blood by ISIS.
  • July 23rd, in Kabul, Afghanistan three suicide bombers massacre 81 civilians during a Shia demonstration.
  • July 24th, in Baghdad, Iraq an ISIS suicide bomber blows himself up and kills a further 21 souls in a Shia neighborhood.
  • Yesterday: In Diyala, Iraq a car bomber blew to pieces 12 souls, wounding a further 25. No claim as of yet for the carnage.


These events I listed above a mere sampling of the global attacks that have taken place the past thirty days. Among and in between these events were hundreds….literally hundreds….of other documented attacks perpetrated in the name if Islam, the vast majority of which, as this analyst has declared for years, wrought by Muslims upon their fellow Muslims. This is easily researched and documented. What is not so well documented, but even more disconcerting, is the emerging mindset of the world as these spectacular attacks continue to unfold on an ever increasing basis. They were once a yearly event. And, many would come forth and declare them some sort of anomaly. The rare catastrophic event that was the exception to the rule. The generally accepted rule that Islam was the “religion of peace.” And the evil perpetrators of these deeds were, somehow, bastardizing one of the worlds greatest and largest of faiths. Even as they increased in number and brutality, still countless would deny their existence, and ignore them. Even as the archaic attitudes of the practitioners of these attacks encroached upon many of the cultural norms epitomized by Western civilization these same deniers held dear.
Today, there may be another, more self defeating mindset beginning to rear its ugly head. That is the specter of complacence. I aver that nearly all of the attacks I wrote of above are virtually unknown to the majority of Americans. Partially due to the blatant ideological bias by most of the liberal media (Not wanting to cast Muslims in a negative light, regardless of the facts relating to the countless attacks around the world) And, as such, many are simply unaware of them. However, the real geopolitical threat is not only the existential threat Islamic terror poses to the civilized world, it is the possibility that these sorts of events will simply become de rigueur……a part of every day, common life. When once an Islamic terrorist who strapped himself with explosives and blew to pieces 30 children brought shock and surprise… is now repeated so often that it no longer brings such anguish and disbelief. It is simply accepted, and shrugged off. It is just what happens “over there.” We are so removed from this barbarity and immune to its savagery, that too many continue to sleepwalk through the death of humanity and righteousness on a global scale. If my concern is validated, it comes at the cost of all that makes us human. We have lost our very souls. The denials of even the followers of the Islamic faith themselves will lead to their own undoing, as the facts of Islamic terror continue to play out. They fall in droves…..droves…..on an hourly basis at the hands of their fellow Muslims as they repeat their increasingly hollow defenses of their faith as the “religion of peace.” Even as their heads fall to the sword of a fellow Muslim of a rival sect, or even their own. If this new normal is genuine and will continue, which I fear it will, all else is for not. It will not matter. The battle for the soul of Islam is already lost. As we shuffle through our own personal constructs, the evil that so many deny will eventually, inexorably, touch everyone reading these words, in one form or another….sooner or later.

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