Humility vs Humiliation.

If I must be honest, with myself, I do not think I have much humility, more likely I fall under, “An arrogant SOB.” This needs to be addressed.  In order to do this it is very important to differentiate between Humility and Humiliation.

I found the following:

Humiliation is a terribly painful and destructive emotional state. It ranks very high among the things that people are afraid of. It is an overwhelming experience of shame and being degraded, usually in the eyes of others. Sometimes a person can be intentionally humiliated by another, in a sadistic attack that is intended to strip away all dignity and self-esteem.

Humility, on the other hand, is a relief. When individuals are able to gracefully accept that there are limits to their power and importance, and to not collapse into despair, shame, or impotent rage, this is a developmental accomplishment. It marks the move from fantasy to reality, from omnipotence to competence. It is a gift at every stage of life — when a 2-year-old can accept that they are not actually in charge of everything, or when an aged person accepts that they need to a depend on others in a way they haven’t before. There’s a key element of being at peace. Contrary to humiliation, humility gives a person their dignity and equilibrium back.

My view on myself changed slightly on reading this. I still have miles to go before I can even think of myself as humble. On the other side I see that I shall have to do something about people that seem to gain some sort of importance from humiliating other people, usually in a less privileged position than themselves. I often say I should read and take my own advise, so I re-read Energy Vampires, the person that feels the need to humiliate others definitely falls under this category.



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Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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3 Responses to “Humility vs Humiliation.”

  1. Yvette Ruppersberg Says:

    Nice read. I’m probably the most opposite of you. That’s not bad, I soppose…maybe I’m just like you in another dimention 😘🍻

  2. Wayne Bisset Says:

    Reblogged this on Section Eight Solutions.

  3. ajbrightman Says:

    Well said, there is never a justified reason to humiliate anyone (for the reasons you have expressed) esp coming from someone who consider ‘themselves’ superior. At worst, the people they try to belittle just may mistake of believing it. Then what do they expect going to happen?

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