The Power of Words

Words. I have always liked words, the written more than the spoken. So I read a lot of books, about anything and everything. Due to my upbringing, obviously the first book I was subjected to was the Bible; even before I was forced to go to school, I could read a little. Now, though my spelling is atrocious, I attempt to write a bit too. Putting my,” The Chronicles of the Mexican Horse Thief”, piece by piece on my Facebook page, I am up to Chronicles III. In this part I am rereading about my time in Somerset West, and remembering my aunt’s fixation with the power of words. She is a very religious woman and there are many, many Scriptures on the power of the spoken word and how dangerous the tongue is.

Not a follower of any religion at all, I still see the wisdom written in various religious texts, from the Bible, the Koran, The Book Mormon, I have read them all, even La Vey’s Satanic Bible.

The spoken word is more powerful in defining how people will treat you than you may believe.

My own observation is that many, if not most people have no idea of the power of the words they speak. Hell, they do not even remember 99% of what comes out their mouths. But some people, people that listen and evaluate do remember and will act according to the information gathered. It is not usually the harsh words one sometimes uses, but the small seemingly unimportant sentences where one shows ones true colours.

When someone tells you about themselves, all you get is a picture of either, what they want you to believe, or worse, what they believe themselves to be. As you may have read in some of my Strange Classrooms posts, not many have the courage to look in the mirror and therefore the image they portray in NOT the one in the real mirror , but the image they perceive themselves to be. Like all things in life, interpreting people comes with the little details…. which you WILL find in their words, just listen and analyze carefully. Then treat the person accordingly, this will save you a lot of grief!

I was impressed the first time I read this, in one of my Strange Classrooms.

“Your thoughts become your words.”


If you want to know your Facebook friends better, concentrate not on the status they post; this is usually well thought out to impress. Watch their comments on other pages/forums they belong to.

A compilation of my Strange Classrooms is soon to be released, please “Like” and  keep an eye on this page.


Here is a story of developing and breaking an addiction, while dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome at the same time.



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