Recycling and Off the Grid News. 12 Sept. 2015


Off the Grid

Section Eight Power Solutions

Section Eight first got involved with these things called inverters many years back, when Eskom first crashed, in conjunction with ECE Communications, down in the Cape. Eskom came right for a while and we moved to other things and locations. My interest fell on the poaching of the rhino and I penned a solution that may have worked at the time it was written, about five years back: How to end the rhino poaching.”  Now the corruption within our own government has gone too deep and until that is sorted out; NOTHING can be done to stop the killing, in my not so humble opinion. I digress. Eskom once again crashed and power blackouts became the norm so my interest was rekindled in finding a cost-effective alternate source of power. My first off the wall, never mind the grid was to use a tiny generator and a large inverter. I tried and tested this for two months with no problems what-so-ever. Generations are not the best solution here are some reasons why I say this.

“Noise and Wasted Energy”

“Generator Maintenance”

Jump Power

Section Eight Recycling Solutions

Living off the grid people are naturally drawn to recycling, it is just the way we are. There are many, many ways to recycle but I do believe we came up with a unique and unusual idea! This is how to recycle one of the worst products for the damaging of any Eco system, polystyrene! We named this liquid Poly-xylene.

This will tell you how it is done,

“Recycling Polystyrene Safely for multiple purpose liquid”. 

and you can see us putting the information into practice here:

“The Making of the Bottle Cottage at VeloGecko”


Wayne Bisset

Section Eight Solutions


South Africa


Bookings for the Bottle Cottage at VeloGecko : Loraine +27 (0)79 552 1773


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