VeloGecko and the Bottle Cottage

VeloGeckoVelogecko is located on a 5 hectare plot, in the quiet bushveld, with a few unusual plants growing wild as well, the Lavender Tree and Orchids are prime examples. Dwarf Mongoose call it home and the bird life is abundant. If you are really quiet and have good night vision you will spot the civets. The property itself is strewn with old pottery shards that lie just below the surface. As a guest of VeloGecko you will have the privilege of being allowed to visit Bushman Paintings and Caves situated a few km away on private owned land. The camp is completely of the grid and as well as well tended campsites it features the Bottle Cottage.

The Unique Bottle Cottage

The Bottle Cottage was build using as many recycled products as possible and still keeping the building aesthetically pleasing; let’s face it, there is no way one can recycle tyres and make them pretty, so,………. no tyres!

Here is what was used:

  1. Bottles obviously, but some were used whole, some were broken into large chunks, some into a fine grain.
  2. Off cut and discarded glass panes.
  3. Polystyrene
  4. An ancient large doorframe
  5. Two broken wooden doors.
  6. Jam jars and lids.
  7. Palet
  8. Concrete bricks.
  9. Discarded IBR.
  10. Riversand taken from the runoff of the road.
  11. Rocks cleared from the camping sites on the property.
  12. Two rear windows from Bakkies that were discarded.

There are a few other items but I will not bore you with them all here.

The Bottle Cottage is completely self supporting and not on the grid at all. Water is from a sweet tasting borehole, light and phone charges are from solar energy and cooking is done inside by gas or outside by wood fire. Guests may help themselves to any of the herbs in the adjacent Herb Garden.  The other things that makes the Bottle Cottage unique is that NO outside labour was used in its construction; the materials were all collected in a 1983 Datsun 4×4 Bakkie and as stated above, like the rest of VeloGecko, it is totally off the grid.

You may find a related articles and photos, “The Making of the Bottle Cottage at VeloGecko” and “ Recycling Polystyrene Safely for multiple purpose liquid” interesting.

If you have any questions about The Bottle Cottage or would like to make a booking to stay, you can contact Loraine at VeloGecko +27 (0)79 552 1773 .



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