Section Eight Power Solutions – Generator Maintenance

The Pros and Cons of a fossil fuel generator Part II

Even once we have sorted out the noise problem with the generator, we are left with another enormous problem. Maintenance. We all know the inconvenience taking our motor car for a service causes, and that only happens every few months or so. If you are planning to run your freezer/fridge full time via generator power, you have to service your generator, every day! Okay call me a liar for one hour, generators in order to run correctly and last longer must be serviced ever 25 hours or run time, according to the manufactures instructions.

Apart from this, having used only generator power for a few months I have made an observation:

Generators shake themselves to death! The first example I had of total generator fail was with our larger one. As I am not the technical guy in this partnership please excuse my non technical explanation of what I have seen. Inside the genny we have brushes, they seem to be made of carbon? Anyhow they are small and brittle. They can snap, and that stops your power supply, dead. A qualified mechanic, Nick, took a couple of hours to strip the genny and find the problem. Then as most people may keep a spare toothbrush, I have yet to hear of anyone that keeps a spare genny brush lying about. Now if you are repairing the genny yourself you have to go find these things, so no power for even longer. Some people are fortunate enough to have the cash to just by another genny, but most not. Then one fine day, when I was boiling a kettle for coffee the small genny made some weird sounds, whined and then popped with a bang! This genny had to be stripped and the problem found was; a tiny screw from the butterfly thingy in the carburetor had shaken loose and gone right into the engine, there where the piston thingy is. It got jammed under the valve and so did not cause all the damage it could have. The smaller genny has been running on and off for a while, so a couple of other things gave in. The exhaust rusted through and had to be replaced, we had a spare in the workshop and welded that on. Then the air filter box was next, all the vibration caused a chunk of it, the attachment point to snap. We did not have any spare, this meant a trip to Nelpruit, 100km away, to go find a replacement. A small plastic box, but must be a hell of a special box, it cost, with tax, R720.00. Almost the price of our new tiny genny.

This means the cost of your power is just the outlay for the generator and then the fuel used. Never mind all the other inconveniences.

The solution for this is to run a much smaller generator, for shorter periods of time that has one primary purpose……… to charge your battery bank.

Section Eight Power Solutions has a plan.scorp-section-eight-logo


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